Kevin Garnett Once Called Chris Bosh a ‘Mama’s Boy,’ Which Threw Him Completely Off His Game: ‘I Got Dominated and Embarrassed’

Kevin Garnett remains firmly regarded as one of the NBA’s greatest players. Garnett also holds the reputation as a masterful trash-talker that matched his tremendous talent. One of which includes a hilarious story of him calling former star forward Chris Bosh a “mama’s boy” during an NBA game.

Kevin Garnett’s illustrious NBA career includes infamous trash-talking reptuation

Garnett spent two-plus decades in the NBA, earning the reputation as one of the game’s all-time talents.

The former star forward accomplished it all on the court behind numerous accolades. He earned 15 All-Star selections, a regular-season MVP award, an NBA title, A Defensive Player of the Year award, four All-NBA First Team nods, three All-NBA Second Team selections, two All-NBA Third Team nominations, nine All-Defensive First Team nods, and three All-NBA Defensive Second Team selections.

All that cemented his status as one of the league’s greatest power forwards. Beyond his tremendous skill level, he developed an infamous reputation as one of the game’s greatest trash talkers. One of which features a hilarious in-game situation involving Chris Bosh.

Kevin Garnett once called Chris Bosh a ‘Mama’s boy,’ which threw him completely off his game: ‘I got dominated and embarrassed’

Bosh played 13 NBA seasons, competing in many on-court battles against Garnett.

However, one situation still stands out after he attempted to engage in trash-talking with the first-ballot Hall of Famer. During an interview on the All The Smoke podcast, Bosh voiced Garnett calling him “mama’s boy” threw him off his game.

“He got me one time so good in a game,” Bosh recalled. “I had a terrible game. He called me a mama’s boy. Forget all the curse words and MFing back and forth. He said ‘Wait wait, you a mama’s boy.’ I said ‘Ohhhhh’ and my mind was gone. I probably scored five points. I got dominated and embarrassed. I was in my bed and can’t sleep saying ‘What the f–k you mean mama’s boy? I ain’t no damn mama’s boy!’

Garnett was the master of trash-talking, and it comes as no surprise that he could rattle an opposing player mentally. Bosh didn’t pinpoint the exact game it occurred, but he has previously spoken about playing a “terrible game” with the Miami Heat against the Boston Celtics in the 2011 playoffs.

It featured Bosh tallying only six points in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Celtics. Regardless of the exact contest it occurred, Garnett found a sly way to live in Bosh’s head rent-free.

Kevin Garnett responds to Chris Bosh’s comments


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Since stepping into retirement after the 2015-16 season, Garnett has become an open book regarding his NBA career.

During an interview back in June on The Dan Patrick Show, the 45-year-old indirectly addressed the situation, voicing that trash-talking is a significant part of the game of basketball.

“Taling trash is a mental game,’ Garnett said. “First off, you have the energy to be able to talk then you have to your information. Talking trash is about breaking someone mentally and getting to multitask when most people can’t multitask. Most people can’t do two or three things at once, and being able to master that is something different.

“I watched Gary Payton and Charles Barkley control games. I watched them control refs. I watched them control momentum, and when I saw that can be done then the referees and the game started getting better. But for the most part, the competition is about the physical and mental state, and if you can’t be in both of those then you are exposed.”

Although it doesn’t clarify the matter, Garnett didn’t deny it occurred. Instead, he demonstrated his pride in being able to trash-talk at an elite level. His trash-talking game was right on par with his skill set, and the Bosh situation is another shining example of that.

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