Kevin Garnett Holds Key to Minnesota Timberwolves’ Future

Throughout the last two-plus decades, the Minnesota Timberwolves have been under the ownership of Glenn Taylor. Things are set to drastically change on that front as Taylor hopes to sell the team quite soon. That has opened the door for Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett to step in the picture that could see him join Michael Jordan in one unique manner.

Glen Taylor ready to sell the Timberwolves

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Since buying the Timberwolves for $88 million in 1995, Glen Taylor has held firm control.

Taylor has remained prominently atop the organization for nearly the last 25 years, met with much frustration. The bulk of that centers around the lack of consistent success as the team reached the playoffs just once since 2004. There has been a significant dry spell that has left many fans bitter with Taylor’s handling of the organization.

That ranges from incompetent hires to wasting strong seasons from Kevin Garnett and later Kevin Love. The franchise hasn’t been a constant for success through much of Taylor’s ownership of the team. Minnesota initially went to the playoffs in the first eight years, but it has been the piling up losing campaigns since then.

With all that in mind, Taylor has moved to sell the team as he has retained The Raine Group to help sell the franchise, according to Scott Soshnick of Sportico. The 79-year-old doesn’t want to go the route of a public auction but instead wants Raine to find a buyer. In light of that, the decision to move now wasn’t about any financial hardships associated with COVID-19.

It’s also indicated that the team’s sale could be finalized within a month as Taylor is looking to garner $1.2 billion. That is below the $1.375 billion value that Forbes recently on the franchise, ranked 28th-best in the league. With that in mind, one team legend as a step forward to try and buy the team.

Kevin Garnett looking to purchase Timberwolves

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It was only a matter of time before the talk around the Timberwolves being up for sale would swing around to potential buyers.

That has immediately pushed soon-to-be inducted Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett‘s name prominently in the mix. According to Sham Charania of The Athletic, Garnett, along with a group of investors, has shown significant interest in purchasing the team from Taylor.

NBA/Timberwolves legend Kevin Garnett and a group of investors are seriously interested in and exploring bid for Minnesota T’Wolves from Glen Taylor, sources tell The Athletic.

Garnett is the franchise’s most well-known player and regarded as the greatest player to wear a Timberwolves uniform. The 44-year-old certainly possesses the financial firepower to be a significant part of the investor group as he made the most money in league history with his $334 million in career earnings. Kobe Bryant currently ranks second with $323 million over his illustrious NBA career.

It’s not surprising that Garnett is making a strong push to acquire the franchise where he spent the bulk of his Hall of Fame career. It also him to go full circle with association with the NBA.

What will happen in the sale?

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There are many factors at play with the team’s entire sale as Glen Taylor holds the final say what he plans to do with the franchise.

It’s well-known that Taylor and Kevin Garnett don’t see eye-to-eye as the Hall of Famer once called him a “snake” and don’t do business with people like him. There’s a chance that Garnett’s perspective could harm his chances to secure the acquisition of the franchise. According to ESPN, the former NBA champion has taken to Instagram to voice his desire to buy the team.

“I’m part of one of the groups trying,” Garnett wrote on Instagram, with fingers crossed and folded hands prayer emojis. “Lawd please let my group get this.”

It’s a process that is out of his hands entirely, but there is the possibility that he can enter the same realm as Michael Jordan as team owner in the near future.