Kevin Harvick’s Son Expresses Touching NASCAR Goal That Fuels His Father

Kevin Harvick has sustained an impressive NASCAR career over the last two decades. Harvick‘s time on the track has created a special bond with his son Keelan through the sport. All that has led to a unique goal set by the younger Harvick that he hopes to reach in the years ahead.

Kevin Harvick’s NASCAR career

Since becoming a NASCAR Cup Series driver in 2001, Kevin Harvick has strung together a highly respectable racing career.

Harvick has garnered a pair of Xfinity Series championships and a Cup Series title. He’s currently one of five drivers to have accomplished that feat in the sports’ history. He holds 58 career wins in the Cup Series and 389 top-ten finishes over the last two decades.

The 45-year-old hasn’t shown any slowing down as he’s coming off his fourth straight top-five finish in the points standings. It marked the seventh time in the last eight years that he’s reached that accomplishment.

Harvick may not be thinking about retirement anytime soon, but he’s heading into his 21st season as a Cup Series driver. The discussion is at least garnering some traction in another regard ahead of the 2021 season as it revealed a touching personal goal his son hopes to fulfill down the road.

Kevin Harvick’s son expresses touching NASCAR goal that fuels his father

As Kevin Harvick has progressed through his NASCAR career, he has also created some unforgettable memories.

Among those are his moments with his son Keelan Harvick, who has developed a strong passion for racing. It has led to his father openly discussing during the recent media day for the 2021 NASCAR season the possibility of competing against his son.

“Keelan is all about running his first truck race against Dad,” Harvick said. “Being around these kids and watching them grow up has really inspired me.”

Keelan is only eight years old, but he has quickly hit the fast track with his brief racing career. Last July, he earned his first go-cart race win at the GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, North Carolina. He followed that up in December winning a pair of trophies.

Much will need to be accomplished in the years ahead, but it’s clear that Keelan has his eyes squarely on competing against his father someday. It may be a matter of Kevin Harvick continuing his NASCAR career long enough to race against his son.

Opportunity may present itself


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Kevin Harvick may have briefly discussed retirement, but he has no intentions of stepping away anytime soon.

His son’s passion for the sport may further provide fuel to the fire to extend his career as long as he can. Even if he’s not a full-time driver by the time his son gets the opportunity to hit the NASCAR track, Harvick will have the chance to compete against his son.

The fact that he brought it up in a recent interview shows that it’s a prominent factor in decision-making concerning his long-term future. Harvick has a plethora of experience in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series with 123 races over 18 years, including 14 career wins and 62 top-ten finishes.

His last race in the event may have been in 2015, but if the scenario presents itself to compete against his son, there won’t be any hesitation to get behind the wheel. It’s rare to see competition between father and son in any professional sport, let alone NASCAR, which this opportunity may very well present itself over the next decade.