Kevin Harvick’s Wife Could Have Final Say on His NASCAR Future

Kevin Harvick has strung together an impressive NASCAR career that spans over 20 years. Harvick has remained among the top drivers in the sport as he’s coming off yet another top-five finish in the Cup Series standings. With his career moving another year beyond the two-decade mark, he has clarified his NASCAR future that involves his wife.

Kevin Harvick’s NASCAR career

Kevin Harvick began his NASCAR career with some massive shoes to fill as Dale Earnhardt’s replacement under Richard Childress Racing.

Although that was an impossible task to replicate anywhere near Earnhardt’s legacy, Harvick has strung together a highly respectable career. Over the last two decades, the 45-year-old has garnered NASCAR 58 Cup series wins, a Cup Series championship (2014), and 389 top-ten finishes.

Harvick has earned 47 Xfinity Series wins, two Xfinity Series championships, and 259 top-ten finishes. He’s currently one of five drivers to have won a title in both the Xfinity Series and Cup Series. Harvick holds the all-time NASCAR mark with nine Cup Series wins at Phoenix Raceway.

The 45-year-old’s career longevity has come into question as he begins his 21st season as a NASCAR Cup Series driver. Harvick recently provided some clarity as to how much longer he may continue to drive.

Kevin Harvick’s wife could have final say on his NASCAR future

There may not be any discussion regarding retirement for Kevin Harvick any time soon, but it’s a fair question to ponder.

With two decades under his belt, Harvick’s NASCAR career became a topic of conversation after it was announced 62-year-old Derrike Cope would race in the Daytona 500 in a few weeks. During media day for the 2021 season, the 45-year-old joked that his wife wouldn’t let him compete into his 60s.

“I think if I tried to go 20 more years into my racing career, my wife would destroy absolutely everything about me,” said Harvick. “I don’t think that would fly at home. Keelan is all about running his first truck race against Dad. Being around these kids and watching them grow up has really inspired me.”

Harvick’s NASCAR future likely won’t be based on his wife’s decision, but it does show that he doesn’t have a desire to race into his 60s. The fact that he mentioned his eight-year-old son Keelan, who shares his same passion for stock car racing, does shed light on his long-term outlook.

There is no telling if Harvick will extend his career long enough to compete against his son one day, but he does highly value maintaining a strong bill of health to see Keelan race. Only time will tell how much longer he will continue to stay behind the wheel on a NASCAR track.

Eyes on strong 2021 season


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Beyond that chatter, Kevin Harvick’s focus is on the upcoming 2021 NASCAR Cup Series.

Harvick is coming off a fifth-place finish in the Cup standings, which marked the fourth straight year that he’s earned a top-five spot. In each of the three seasons before 2020, he finished third overall.

Although he fell short last year, Harvick found much success on the track with nine wins and had 20 top-five finishes. He is among the early favorites to secure the 2021 Cup Series title, with the defending champion Chase Elliott at the top of the list.

Harvick has much reason for optimism heading into this year’s Daytona 500 after finishing fifth in last season’s race, which marked his best performance on that rack in five years. The table is set for an entertaining 2021 season that should see him well in the mix.