Kevin Johnson Was Once Assaulted With a Pie in His Face

Over the years, there have been many bizarre stories that have surfaced about public figures from all realms. There are various stories of head-scratching incidents that leave you speechless about why they transpired in that manner. One of those instances occurred to former NBA star point guard Kevin Johnson was hit in the face with a coconut cream pie while he serving as mayor of the city of Sacramento.

Kevin Johnson hit with a pie

Following his 12-year NBA career, Johnson took another path following his playing days as he went head first into politics.

Eight years after his retirement, the former three-time All-Star decided to run for Mayor’s Office of Sacramento in 2008. Shortly after it was announced in March of that year, it saw him force a runoff election against the incumbent Heather Fargo for the position. He won in a decisive vote-off against Fargo that saw him garner 57% of the possible votes.

Johnson won re-election in 2012 that pushed him into a second term in the mayor’s office. Many issues arose during his tenure that created some issues within the city. That led to a bizarre incident in September 2016, as was hit by a pie by a man during a benefit dinner at Sacramento Charter High School.

That led to a physical altercation with Johnson retaliating with the man who hit him in the incident. The entire situation subsequently pushed its way toward being handled in the legal system.

Man faced felony charges for Kevin Johnson pie incident

The incident led to the 32-year-old man, who was identified as Sean Thompson was arrested on a felony charge of assaulting a public official and misdemeanor charge of battery on school property, 

It didn’t take long for the case to go through the legal route with Thompson, who voiced that he was an activist for the previous four years. He had been arrested multiple times, but never took the aggressor route with his beliefs that he didn’t believe were helping him get much accomplished. According to Good Day, Thompson voiced that his decision to pie Johnson was the “least violent action” he could do.

Asked why he resorted to a violent act, Thompson said, “Pie throwing was the least violent action I could take.”

Thompson admitted to his actions in the pie incident, but the jury never found him guilty of the felony charge. They couldn’t agree on the misdemeanor battery charge on school grounds, which led the judge to declare a mistrial.

The jury had quite a difficult time deciding whether hitting someone with a pie would constitute assault. Despite that, the case didn’t stop there for Johnson.

Kevin Johnson pie case reaches finality

Shortly after the mistrial, Thompson faced a new charge
of a misdemeanor for disturbing the peace in June 2017.

It didn’t take long for that case to be settled as he pleaded no contest to a charge, which effectively ended months of hearings around the matter and any indication that Johnson would have to take the stand in the second trial.

Thompson was sentenced to time served, which meant his case was dismissed after prosecutors accepted a deal that was of a lesser charge. The entire situation left Johnson dealing with yet another situation that cropped up during his eight-year run as the mayor of Sacramento.

Although the matter was not of Johnson’s doing, it’s something that is tied to his political career as it was nothing short of a bizarre incident. He was able to avoid the case lingering on much longer than it did, but it’s a story that will forever be linked to him.