Kimbo Slice’s Sudden Death Left the Sports World Shocked

For a brief time in the world of sports, Kimbo Slice was all the talk after his meteoric rise to the top. His infamous street fight videos enamored him with millions to make him a household name behind his impressive physical ability. That led to a brief stint in the octagon with the UFC that only further boosted the aura around him. Slice had reached an enormous level of popularity, but it all came to a sudden end that had left many stunned to see him pass away at age 42.

Kimbo Slice’s rise to the top

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Before his quick rise to stardom, Slice was known as Kevin Ferguson as he was previously a bouncer for a strip club that led him to become a bodyguard and limousine driver. That saw him get involved in a shady situation that wound seeing him charged for carrying a concealed weapon in 2002.

The following year, he began his career in combat street fights that saw him go viral after he left a huge cut on his opponents’s right eye that saw many fans on the internet roll with the name Slice that he paired alongside his childhood nickname Kimbo. From that point on, the name Kimbo Slice was born that took him to great heights as a phenom in street fighting with numerous fights.

He got his chance in MMA as he made his debut at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 5 in June 2007, where he defeated his opponent with a guillotine choke in the first round. Slice worked his way toward Elite XC in 2009 that saw him win four out of his first five fights with the company.

Kimbo Slice’s brief MMA career and boxing stint

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Kimbo Slice had shown to be a promising fighter behind his impressive physic and fighting style that enamored fans.

That led to him getting a chance to compete in UFC‘s The Ultimate Fighter, which he showcased his impressive ability in the octagon. Slice worked his way toward winning Heavyweights Finale, where he topped Houston Alexander. The momentum was short-lived as he dropped his and only UFC fight against Matt Mitrione via TKO in the second round of the match.

He briefly pursued a boxing career that saw him make his pro boxing debut in August 2011, where he knocked out James Wade in the first round. Slice wound up winning all seven fights that he took part in over 2 1/2 years that included six knocks. It would be just over five years later from his last MMA fight that he would get his next chance in the octagon as he signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator.

Slice took care of business in his first go-around, getting a TKO win over Ken Shamrock at Bellator 138. He had his next and final MMA fight against one of his longtime street fighting rivals Dada 5000 that ended after three rounds with his opponent collapse. The win was overturned to a no-contest as a pre-fight drug test revealed that he had elevated testosterone.

Kimbo Slice’ death

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After Kimbo Slice topped Dada 500, it was the largest draw that Bellator had ever head.

Bellator president Scott Coker to voice that Slice would have a rematch against James Thompson. However, that never came to fruition as the promising fighter saw his life suddenly end on June 5, 2016, due to heart failure. He had been diagnosed with heart failure and was placed on a ventilator in intensive care due to stomach pains, nausea, and shortness of breath. An autopsy following his death also revealed that he has a mass on his liver.

It was a situation that caught many by surprise as his life was cut short at age 42 while there had been no sign that his health was declining by any means. Slice had a potentially promising MMA career ahead of him that could have seen him continue to reach greater heights.