Kobe Bryant Received 1 Last Motivation to Fuel His Legendary Final NBA Game

Kobe Bryant spent 20 years in the NBA, where he firmly established himself as one of the greatest players. Bryant capped it all off with an unforgettable final performance that encapsulated his career. Following the game, the former LA Lakers great revealed what sparked his legendary last outing.

Kobe Bryant’s Remarkable final game

Kobe Bryant entered the final game of his illustrious 20-year NBA career with plenty of excitement and buzz around the event.

Like many big moments before in his NBA career, Bryant proved why he was one of the game’s greatest talents. He left it all on the floor playing 42 out of the possible 48 minutes in regulation, pouring out 60 points on 50 shot attempts.

Bryant’s performance dazzled as he guided the Lakers past the Utah Jazz, erasing a 15-point deficit in the fourth quarter. He went full bore in the fourth quarter with 23 points, including 17 straight points to capture the win.

Bryant capped it off his night with a go-ahead jumper with under a minute to go in regulation. His final outing also broke numerous NBA records, such as being the oldest player ever to score 60 points in a game and most shots attempted in a contest (50). It marked his sixth 60-point outing, which is only second to Wilt Chamberlain (32).

His last career game also towered over the scoring performance of various other all-time greats, such as Michael Jordan (15), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (10), Magic Johnson (six), and Larry Bird (16).

Kobe Bryant received 1 last motivation to fuel his legendary final NBA game

Kobe Bryant’s final game brought forth plenty of emotions for fans and many others alike.

Bryant laid it all out with an incredible performance in the last outing of his illustrious NBA career. In an interview with Variety a few months after the contest, the five-time NBA champion voiced that he sensed the sadness in the air that only motivated him to leave everyone on a happy note to cap off his career.

“I just remember being extremely excited,” Bryant said. “There was a kind of sadness that was kind of coating Staples Center, and I didn’t wanna have that. I didn’t want people to be sad, because I wasn’t sad. I was happy. I wanted to make sure I gave them something to celebrate versus be sad over.”

The reality of it being Bryant’s last game did bring forth sadness that he was stepping into retirement. However, he showcased it all the on the floor that day with a game that is forever etched in NBA history.

NBA legacy is forever in stone


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Kobe Bryant’s legacy has only grown stronger since he played his last game.

The recognition and admiration took toward Bryant another even more heartfelt path after his tragic passing. For many of the current NBA’s stars, he represents the gold standard as the player they aspire to be on the court.

Bryant got every ounce of talent out of himself through his hard work and dedication. His unwavering commitment to his craft helped him reach extraordinary heights in his NBA career. He earned five NBA titles, two NBA Finals MVP awards, 18 All-Star selections, 15 All-NBA team nods, and 11 All-Defensive team selections.

It also led him to finish third on the all-time scoring list while becoming the first player to record 30,000 points and 6,000 assists. Beyond all that, Bryant holds a cemented place in NBA history as one of the greatest players to take the court.