Kobe Bryant Was Honored by Another Beloved Los Angles Athlete

Kobe Bryant continues to make an impact across sports six months after his tragic death. Not only did Bryant touch people in the game of basketball, but he also touched many other professional athletes.

One baseball player honored Bryant by wearing him on his chest.

The legacy that Kobe Bryant left

Bryant was one of the toughest competitors in all of the sports. His love and passion for the game made him want to be one of the best. He certainly succeeded in doing so because he had one of the best basketball careers of all-time. The five-time NBA champ displayed what a true leader should look like. On the court, Bryant wanted to win at all cost. Even if he wasn’t 100 percent on that court, he found a way to put his team in the best position to win games. Toward the end of his career, his body started to take a toll on him, but he continued to go out and perform at a high-level.

One area that Bryant excelled at was being a mentor to many players. Many current NBA players looked up to Bryant and loved how he carried himself on the court. Bryant always was willing to share his knowledge of the game with other players because he wanted to see them perform at their best. During the off-seasons, he would work with players like Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Kyrie Irving. Even though he wasn’t playing anymore, Bryant continued to impact people.

During his career, Bryant took his game to another level. He struggled early on in his career, and he used that to push him to become a great player. Bryant was the type of player who would show up early to a game to get shots up, and after the game, he would stay late to get more shots up. He wanted to be the best, and no one would get in his way to stop him.

Kobe Bryant was a LA Dodgers fan

Bryant enjoyed sports in general, from soccer to football to baseball. While he spent his entire career in LA, he became a Dodgers fan. The Dodgers have been one of the best teams in baseball for the past few years. During the 2018 MLB World Series, Bryant announced the Dodgers’ starting lineup for Game 4.

Bryant would attend many Dodgers’ game wearing his Dodgers jersey. He enjoyed supporting other teams, and fans always loved to see Bryant in attendance. Bryant was well-respected and was someone who people enjoyed being around.

Justin Turner honored Kobe Bryant before a game

Before a Dodgers game this season, Turner was seen wearing a blue shirt before the game. But this wasn’t a regular shirt, and it had a picture of Bryant on it with the Dodgers’ name going across. Turner was a huge fan of Bryant, and he admired how he gave back to the community.

It was a tough blow for Turner, like so many others, when he found out that Bryant passed away. Turner made sure that he would continue to honor Bryant in any way possible, and Bryant’s legacy will continue to live on as people will always honor and show respect for one of the greatest athletes of all-time.

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