Kobe Bryant’s Final Heartbreaking Message to Michael Jordan

It has been a few months since former Los Angeles Lakers star guard Kobe Bryant tragically passed away in a helicopter accident alongside his daughter Gianna and seven others. One of the biggest takeaways from his passing was the strong bond that he had developed with Hall of Famer Michael Jordan over the years. That was more than evident by the moving speech that Jordan gave to his close friend at his funeral back in February. What makes the situation even tougher is the final message that Bryant gave his mentor that demonstrated their deep connection.

Michael Jordan’s touching speech to Kobe

Bryant‘s passing in late January sent the sports world in a complete shock that stirred many across the globe. One of those prominent sports figures that were torn apart emotionally by the entire situation was the former the Chicago Bulls great.

The two had shared a strong bond together over the years with Bryant utilizing Jordan as one of his primary sources of inspiration with his craft. That was a relationship that the six-time NBA went into greater detail during his incredible speech to the 18-time All-Star at his memorial service in February.

“When Kobe Bryant died, a piece of me died. As I look into this arena and across the globe, a piece of you died or else you wouldn’t be here. Those are the memories that we have to live with and learn from. I promise you from this day forward that I will live with the memories that I had a little brother that I tried to help in every way that I could. Please rest in peace little brother.”

Although Bryant looked up to Jordan as a mentor, the two shared a brotherly bond that extended far beyond any basketball court.

Kobe Bryant’s heartrending message to Michael Jordan

Jordan’s comments during his emotional speech to Bryant made the standing between the two Hall of Famers quite evident.

They shared a brotherly relationship that gave them a strong bond through their admiration for each other and the game of basketball. What makes it quite eerie is that Bryant’s potential last words about Jordan for his upcoming documentary by ESPN entitled “Last Dance” that covered the 1997-98 Bulls team were similar to what was shared back in February, according to Richard Deitsch of The Athletic.

“To hear Kobe in that scene say he’s (Michael) like my big brother, and then to have Michael give that famous speech that he gave at Kobe’s memorial service, saying, ‘Rest in peace, little brother,’ it just shows you how genuine that relationship was between the two of them,” Hehir said. “That scene is so much more poignant now and it was such a cool scene to begin with.”

It’s incredible to see that what the two had to say about each other was remarkably similar that demonstrates further their unique brotherly bond. They both had a strong affinity for the game of basketball that only drew them closer with a healthy mutual respect for how they respectively played and approached the game.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant shared brotherly connection

Once the “Last Dance” documentary airs this month and Bryant’s part in the series plays, there will be an even higher draw of emotion toward their connection.

Jordan was the one player above all else that Bryant wanted to pattern his game after. It was quite evident in his playing style and mannerisms that he idolized the former Bulls great, and that same level of respect was reciprocated right back.

Beyond that, it gives a clearer understanding of how much Bryant’s loss truly impacted Jordan, among the many others.