Kobe Bryant’s Last Act Before His Tragic Passing

It has been nearly a month since Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna along with seven others, passed away in a devastating helicopter crash. That has brought forth plenty of time to reflect on Bryant‘s career and what he did off the court as well. He was much more than a basketball player, and even more so after he retired from the NBA after 20 seasons. His contributions and help to those around him were becoming more prominent in the few years in his retirement. That was brought closer to the light as his former agent and close friend Rob Pelinka shared what Bryant‘s last act was before the accident.

Kobe Bryant’s impact after his NBA career

During the latter years of his NBA career, Bryant began to lay the groundwork for what his off the court life would be.

In his first couple of years in retirement, he had ventured into other areas, such as helping put together an Oscar-winning video for his Dear Basketball letter. He had also created a publishing company to create his own content to put out into the world.

He had also spent time making the Mamba Academy, where many kids could play organized basketball. That saw him take up coaching his daughter Gianna’s team over the last couple of years. His life was becoming more dedicated to his family, but he also extended that net further to help those around him that he formed bonds with through his academy.

In fact, his last act before his tragic passing demonstrated just that sentiment he had continued to embrace further.

Kobe Bryant’s last act

In the time that followed his illustrious career, Bryant had become more involved in other areas.

That saw him become more of an accessible person, which a large chunk of that came from his commitment to coach and teach others. During his tribute speech to Bryant, Rob Pelinka voiced that his longtime friend’s last act was trying to get a baseball agent in contact for one of the children of the parents from his daughter’s basketball team.

It just speaks volumes to what he was trying to do to help those around him to give them more opportunities to succeed. It may have only been the simple act of connecting them to another resource, but it shows that he was going out of his way to make that possible.

Bryant was beginning to show another side that not many got to see during his NBA career as that focus was on his performance on a basketball court. But things dove much further off of it once his playing days were over.

Kobe Bryant’s legacy is more than basketball

Although Bryant will be remembered most for what he did on the court throughout his illustrious NBA career that will make him a first-ballot Hall of Famer, he was much more than that.

He was starting to showcase that other side through his family and his nurturing of his children and various other ventures he was exploring off the court. There was another side of him that many didn’t get to see for years. Bryant was shaping himself into a more well-rounded person in the public eye that was embracing his fatherhood further and mentorship of those that asked for his teaching.

It’s something that’s not lost on those around him and the many that draw inspiration and admiration from him. He may have passed, but his legacy will live on to a higher degree as those will honor and use him as motivation in their own lives and careers in whatever that may be.