Kristaps Porzingis Has a Healthy Net Worth Due to His Stellar Play for the Knicks and Mavericks

One of the most exciting players in the NBA to stand at seven-feet-tall or more is Kristaps Porzingis, the Dallas Mavericks star. From his time with the New York Knicks, to this past season with the Mavs, Porzingis has proved that he is one of the most talented young players in the league. He is set to make a lot of money too, as he signed a massive deal with the Mavericks just last year. So, given his success, what is his net worth?

Kristaps Porzingis became a star with the New York Knicks

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The New York Knicks got a lot of hate for drafting Porzingis with the fourth overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft because not many people knew who he was. It, however, ended up being an absolutely great pick.

He had a lot of success in his first season with the Knicks as he scored 14.3 points per game to go with 7.3 rebounds. His ability to stretch the floor was also impressive as he shot 33% from 3-point range in his rookie season. Porzingis ultimately earned First-team All-Rookie honors for his play that year too.

He then improved significantly the next season in 2016-17 as he scored 18.1 points per game and pulled down 7.2 rebounds per game. However, he was even better in 2017-18. Porzingis earned his first All-Star selection that season as he averaged 22.7 points per game, and shot 39.5% from 3-point range. He ultimately played in only 48 games that season, though, as he tore his ACL in February 2018, according to Sports Illustrated.

Porzingis then missed the entire 2018-19 season.

The Knicks traded him to the Dallas Mavericks

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It appears that Porzingis’ frustration with the Knicks began in 2017. According to The Washington Post, he was frustrated with the organization’s treatment of Carmelo Anthony, who ultimately got traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in September 2017.

Former team president Phil Jackson then said that he was listening to trade offers for Porzingis after he missed his end-of-the-season meeting in 2017. However, Jackson and the Knicks parted ways that same year.

The relationship between Porzingis and the Knicks never appeared to improve very much, or at least enough for him to want to stay in New York. Adrian Wojnarowski reported in January 2019 that Porzingis left the Knicks with the impression that he preferred to get traded. The Knicks then traded him to the Mavericks not long after that report. The deal paired him up with the young phenom, Luka Doncic.

The Mavericks ultimately signed Porzingis to a massive five-year, $158 million deal in the summer of 2019, per Sports Illustrated.

This season, Porzingis is averaging 19.2 points per game and a career-high 9.5 rebounds for the Mavericks. Heading into the NBA restart, the Mavericks are 40-27 and the seventh seed in the Western Conference.

What is Kristaps Porzingis’ net worth?

Kristaps Porzingis has become an NBA star while playing for the New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks. What is his net worth?
Kristaps Porzingis of the Dallas Mavericks reacts during a game against the Philadelphia 76ers in 2019. | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

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Since Porzingis hasn’t played in the NBA for very long, his net worth is not as large as some other NBA stars. However, it will most likely grow with the more money that he makes throughout his career. 

According to Spotrac, he has made around $45.9 million so far in his career, but it is unclear how much he has had to give up this season due to COVID-19 cutting the year short. Additionally, he is expected to make around $30 million each of the next four seasons, per Spotrac.

So how much is he worth? Celebrity Net Worth estimates that he is worth $6 million, but with that massive contract he signed last year, he might be worth slightly more than that at this point. Still, a $6 million net worth is not too shabby for an athlete who is only 24 years old.

Porzingis has a bright future with the Mavericks. He has a chance to just keep increasing that already healthy net worth too.

Stats courtesy of Basketball Reference