Kurt Warner Is in Another Professional Football Hall of Fame Besides the One in Canton

In becoming a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, Kurt Warner created one of the greatest stories in league history.

Warner famously went from working in a grocery store to a legendary gunslinger who led both the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl.

When the summer of 2017 arrived, Warner entered the Hall of Fame with the likes of Jason Taylor and LaDainian Tomlinson. That wasn’t the first time that Warner found himself in a professional football Hall of Fame.

Kurt Warner has one of the greatest stories in NFL history

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It took Kurt Warner several years and times to finally get his opportunity, but he certainly made the most of it.

Warner went undrafted in 1994 and didn’t make his NFL debut until 1998, while with the then-St. Louis Rams. A year later, Warner took over for an injured Trent Green, and the rest is history.

From 1999-2009, Warner completed 65.5% of his passes for 32,344 yards, 208 touchdowns, and 128 interceptions in 124 games and 116 starts.

Warner earned four Pro Bowl nods and twice appeared on the first-team All-Pro team. Media members voted Warner the NFL MVP in 1999 and 2001, years where he took the Rams to the Super Bowl.

Warner won nine of his 13 playoff starts and threw 31 touchdowns to 14 interceptions.

Warner entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017

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When Kurt Warner retired after the 2009 season, it didn’t appear at first glance that he did enough to enter the Hall of Fame.

Voters thought otherwise and enshrined Warner into the Hall of Fame in 2017. Warner joined a loaded class, which also included pass-rusher Jason Taylor and running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

Warner dedicated his enshrinement speech to his family and friends, who he called the “supporting cast” of his movie. The Hall of Fame’s official website transcribed Warner’s full comments.

“You know, the spotlight in every blockbuster production always focuses on the main character, or the QB in this case, bringing with it an unfair amount of credit. But oftentimes it’s the supporting cast that makes it the greatest show. At least that’s been my experience. So to the family and friends that have supported me over the years, but didn’t get mentioned specifically tonight, your encouragement was essential to keeping my dream alive.”

Warner’s wife, Brenda, presented him into the Hall of Fame.

Kurt Warner is also in the Arena Football Hall of Fame

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Many players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame are also in the College Football Hall of Fame.

Warner is in a select company — and this goes for all four major sports in North America — where he is in two professional Hall of Fames.

The Arena League Hall of Fame inducted Warner to its ranks in August 2011. Warner impressed for the AFL’s Iowa Barnstormers from 1995-1997.

As of December 2020, Warner is the only player in both the Football Hall of Fame and the Arena League’s Hall.

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