Kyle Busch Believes That LeBron James Could Excel in a NASCAR Career Outside of Racing

NASCAR star Kyle Busch and NBA legend LeBron James couldn’t be any more different.

A two-time Cup Series champion, Busch is among the top NASCAR drivers of his generation. James, who is now in his third season with the Los Angeles Lakers, is arguably the greatest player in NBA history.

Still, if the two ever traded places, Busch believes James could enjoy success in NASCAR. However, Busch thinks James would be at his best in a role that didn’t involve him racing.

Kyle Busch is one of NASCAR’s top drivers

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Kyle Busch has heavy expectations on his plate entering the 2021 racing season.

A two-time Cup Series winner, Busch recorded 57 wins and 316 top-10 finishes in his first 17 seasons. After winning the Cup Series in 2019, Busch finished eighth last year.

Busch’s lone 2020 win came at the Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500 in Fort Worth, Texas, last October.

Busch believes LeBron James would make a great crew chief

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Plenty of professional athletes, including Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and New Orleans Saints signal-caller Jameis Winston, played multiple sports through college.

The modern age has wiped out the likes of Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, the traditional two-sport athletes. Some, including quarterback-turned-outfielder Tim Tebow, have switched sports along the way.

Don’t expect Kyle Busch to leave NASCAR or for LeBron James to quit the NBA anytime for another sport, though. Still, Busch has high hopes about James if the basketball legend pursued a racing career.

During a 2018 interview on his official website, NASCAR writer Jeff Gluck asked Busch what roles the driver believed that James, along with actor Tom Hanks and singer Taylor Swift, would play in a pit crew.

“LeBron seems to be pretty good at playmaking, play-calling, things like that, so I’d say he’d be the best at being the crew chief.”

For the record, Busch picked Hanks to serve as the motorhome driver. Busch also said it “wouldn’t be so bad” having Swift on the radio as a spotter.

LeBron James has been linked to other sports in the past

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Kyle Busch may have been onto something when he suggested LeBron James could thrive in another sport beyond basketball.

In May 2020, James revealed that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones offered him a contract during the 2011 NFL lockout. James, who stands 6 feet 9 inches and weighs 250 pounds, admitted that he began training that summer in hopes of potentially joining the Cowboys. 

USA Today transcribed James’ comments on Uninterrupted.

“The thoughts came into my mind. But never having the ability to finish my high school career of playing like my senior year, I have dreams all the time about playing football. It’s crazy, because I actually never run on the field in my dreams. It always gets to the point where I’m either in the locker room or getting dressed or talking about it or seeing the fans. As soon as I am about to run onto the field, something else happens in my dream. Something always happens like that.”

James decided to stick with basketball, and he ended the 2011-12 season by winning his first NBA championship. 

The Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, have not been back to a Super Bowl since January 1996.

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