Kyle Guy Is Ready to Keep Proving the Doubters Wrong in the NBA

There are some guys who everyone knows are destined to do great things in the NBA. Some of those guys, like Zion Williamson, LeBron James, and Larry Bird, go one and fulfill everyone’s expectations, while other’s tank and fade into obscurity. Those stories always get a lot of attention. The stories that don’t draw media attention are then ones like Kyle Guy.

Guy is a former player for the Virginia Cavaliers, who happens to be a skilled basketball player who was never really expected to make it into the NBA, yet, despite the fact he nearly gave up basketball just a few short years ago, he’s been signed with the Sacramento Kings and is steadily proving the doubters wrong in the NBA.

Not an easy road for Kyle Guy

Not only did Kyle Guy not expect to ever play in the NBA, he nearly walked away from basketball altogether following his sophomore year at the University of Virginia. At the time, Guy was suffering from extreme anxiety and didn’t feel he had a future in basketball. Since it was causing so much mental anguish, he reasoned that the best thing he could do for himself was give up the sport and focus on other aspects of his life.

Luckily, his friend and basketball mentor, Derick Grant, not only understood how much Guy was struggling but also understood what the young man would be giving up if he walked away from his college basketball career. The pair took a long road trip together and eventually worked out a plan that kept Guy on the court and slowly helped him work through his anxiety.

Deciding to keep playing basketball has turned into one of the best decisions Kyle Guy could have made.

The Virginia Cavaliers had an outstanding year, losing only three games, and winning the NCAA Championship. The winning streak plus championship would have gotten Guy noticed, but his success didn’t end there. Following the championship he was named The Best Player in the Final Four.

Drafting tension

There has been very little about Kyle Guy’s basketball career that has gone smoothly.

Kyle Guy didn’t know what to expect when he entered the NBA draft. He knew he wasn’t going to be selected in the first round, but still he hoped an NBA team would pick him. As the draft dragged on and on, he grew increasingly worried that it wasn’t going to happen. The one bright spot was that even if he didn’t get picked, the Phoenix Suns were willing to offer him a two-way contract. Finally, the Sacramento Kings selected Guy. There was no guarantee that he’d ever actually play in the NBA, but at least he’d been drafted.

Kyle Guy gets his shot

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In the time between the NBA draft and the start of the season, Guy learned something that few talk about. While he was drafted and did have a contract with the Kings, he wouldn’t get paid until the season began. If he’d been able to get an interim job this wouldn’t have been a huge problem, but Guy still had to prove his value to the team.

Instead of getting a traditional, short-term job, he did some side-hustle type work which included serving as a spokesperson for “Real Time Pain Relief” and using Cameo to film personalized messages that he got paid for, while he also represented the Sacramento Kings in the summer league. 

All things considered, the summer league went well for Guy, with him putting in solid performances and proving himself to be a very coachable young player. Hopefully, he’ll do the same now that the NBA season has officially begun.