Kyler Murray Fires Back At Critics Over Him Kneeling Next Season

There has been a substantial amount of social unrest in the United States over the last few weeks after the tragic death of George Floyd due to mistreatment by the police. It has created an outpouring of support and outcry for change to the justice system to see incidents like that minorities, especially the black community, continues to face. That has seen many NFL players step forward to voice to their support and decision to kneel in the 2020 campaign. Reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year Kyler Murray has voiced he will do as such next season.

With that garnering criticism over social media, the Arizona Cardinals‘ second-year quarterback didn’t hold back in his blunt response.

Kyler Murray says he will kneel next season

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There has been a strong push for social change from many NFL players over the last couple of weeks that led to the league to pour $250 million into helping that effort.

That has also seen many players vocalize their frustrations with the continued social injustices that occur daily in the United States. Many players have stated that they will kneel next season, which Kyler Murray recently voiced he will take part in, according to Darren Urban of

“I stand for what’s right,” Murray said during a Zoom call with the media. “That’s the bottom line. I call it like I see it. What’s been going on is completely wrong. I’ll definitely be taking a knee.”

Murray also voiced that he believes there is more power in having more people speak up about the issue. He admitted that before he felt that he had to toe the line of being politically correct, but now feels he has the responsibility of helping hold everybody accountable.

In light of that, it didn’t take long for Murray to deal with criticism with his decision to kneel.

Kyler Murray blast back at critics over kneeling next season

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It has opened up an entirely new realm for Kyler Murray to vocalize his feeling about the matter that continues to impact many African-Americans across the country.

That has also seen him receive criticism for his decision to kneel in the 2020 season, which he had a crystal-clear response back.

“You think I give a f–k?”

Murray isn’t going to waver from his decision because he has upset people on social media for his stance on bringing attention to the social injustices. It’s an issue that strikes at the core for the 22-year-old as he wants to use his platform to help put forth change.

These are critics that will continue to air out their ignorant retorts to him or any other player that decides to kneel during the national anthem. It’s something that is much bigger than the game of football or any sport that Murry and many others are trying to aid the cause.

Expect many players to kneel in the 2020 season

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Kyler Murray isn’t alone in this because many other players have voiced that they will kneel next season. Fellow NFL players such as Adrian Peterson, Alvin Kamara, Jordan Lucas, and Baker Mayfield, among others.

It’s something that has significantly impacted many people to their core that has made for a strong push for social change. There will be much more to come on the front as that will see many of these players across all sports use their platform to help create much-needed change to the justice system.

Seeing players like Murray take a firm stance in what helping be part of the effort is an encouraging sight that will only aid things in moving in the right direction.