Kyler Murray Is Now Blatantly Giving Himself a Pass for His Childish Behavior

For a brief point in the NFL offseason amid the ongoing quarterback carousel, the show belonged to Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

In the weeks before Tom Brady unretired and Russell Wilson found himself suiting up for the Denver Broncos, social media constantly wanted to talk about Murray, who scrubbed his Instagram of all photos related to the Cardinals and issued a public statement through his agent about his desire for a new contract.

Well over a month later, Murray finally addressed his future in Arizona, and the 24-year-old made one thing clear: He’s still too immature to be depended on at this point in his career.

Kyler Murray said his Instagram scrub had nothing to do with his contract situation

The popular thing for people too young to know what a fax machine is or remember a time when MTV aired music videos is to scrub their social media profiles after a breakup. Random teenagers and celebrities alike often erase the Instagram pictures of them with their now-ex partner once the relationship is over.

If only they used the same mindset for their old tweets.

Back in February, Murray scrubbed his Instagram of anything relating to the Cardinals. Any of the pictures depicting him in the Red and White were gone in a flash, a move hinting that he was prepared to break up with the organization if he didn’t receive a new contract.

According to comments transcribed by ProFootballTalk‘s Myles Simmons, Murray told reporters at a charity event on Thursday, March 24, that the scrub actually had nothing to do with his desire to ink a long-term extension. Instead, as it turns out, the reporters in question may not have been hip enough to understand the quarterback’s reasoning.

“No, that was — like I said, if you’re a kid my age, you’re used to like … people take off all of their — that’s just a thing. Honestly, like I said, I took everything off of it, beside one picture. So it had nothing to do with the Cardinals or anything like that.”

Kyler Murray

Murray also expressed surprise about the fact that social media spent most of February discussing his future in Arizona.

“I’m an Arizona Cardinal,” Murray said. “I’ve done nothing but give my all to the Cardinals and will continue to do that. So I’m not really too worried about it.”

Murray is either blatantly lying, or he’s too immature to realize the problem in scrubbing his profile

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray in 2022.
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has no desire to take responsibility for his actions | Harry How/Getty Images

For transparency, I’m two months older than Kyler Murray. With that said, I can’t pretend to understand why Murray would scrub his Instagram because I don’t understand my generation as a whole. We’re a strange bunch who care far too much about Instagram likes and witty captions.

All of that is to say his decision to remove every Cardinals-related picture from his Instagram, put out a statement regarding his contract through his agent, and then blame the entire miscommunication on his age is ridiculous. Murray is a starting quarterback in the NFL. The expectations for him and his conduct are far different than the expectations for a 24-year-old car salesman or a 25-year-old liquor store employee.

What reason would Murray have to delete all of his Instagram pictures in the first place? He’s either blatantly lying, or he’s too immature to realize the problem in scrubbing his profile. For all we know, he might even be trying to gaslight the media and blame them for failing to understand how young people act on social media.

None of that is an excuse. If Murray deleted his pictures out of frustration over his contract, would it really have hurt him to issue a hypothetical statement along these lines:

“I was frustrated because I do want to spend my whole career in Arizona, and I didn’t think we were making progress on a contract. Obviously, in hindsight, what I did wasn’t the best move. It was immature of me. But it’s a learning experience, and I’m committed to staying with the Cardinals. I’m confident we’ll work a contract out before the season, and I’m prepared to bring a Super Bowl to Arizona.”

A hypothetical (and fake) statement Kyler Murray should have given reporters instead of what he actually said

Yes, there likely would have been some harsh feedback on social media, but it would have been a young player owning up to his childish behavior and trying to address the issue as an adult. Instead, he chose to play the age card, which helps no one and only makes him look worse.

To be clear, Murray’s immaturity — not the quarterback himself — is the problem here

As we mentioned, Murray spoke to reporters at an event for the Arizona Educational Foundation. The two-time Pro Bowl quarterback donated $10,000 to help local teachers and even played the role of a trivia host.

Let’s be clear about something: Murray is immature, not a problem player or an outright terrible person. He isn’t Antonio Brown, who has a history of legal issues and toxic behavior. A quick glance at Murray’s resume doesn’t show any arrests, suspensions, or offensive commentary. He’s a 24-year-old who, at times, still feels the urge to act his age.

Look, there are far worse things to be than a 24-year-old who gets torn between behaving like an adult and posting like a high schooler fresh off a breakup. But if Murray wants a fancy new contract, he needs to leave the childish behavior behind. He must prove to the Cardinals that he’s mature enough to warrant a long-term deal.

Can he do it? Absolutely. The first step is wanting to be more mature, and Murray is more than capable of doing so if he chooses. If you’re skeptical, go ask the teachers he was with on Thursday.

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