LA Dodgers Just Got the Best News Possible After the Justin Turner Fiasco

The LA Dodgers finally reached the mountaintop of success after winning their first World Series title in more than three decades. Things have quickly shifted from that monumental moment toward Justin Turner‘s positive COVID-19 test and actions afterward. Turner put a bit of a shadow on the Dodgers’ crowning achievement with the potential repercussion of his handling of the situation. With all that in mind, LA just got the best possible outcome from the entire incident.

Justin Turner tests positive for COVID-19, celebrates with Dodgers

The LA Dodgers finally ended their 32-year championship drought by securing their seventh World Series title in team history.

However, the focus after the series-clinching Game 6 win was on Justin Turner’s positive COVID-19 test. The Dodgers star third baseman was pulled during the seventh inning of the contest due to his recent test on Tuesday morning coming back positive.

The MLB received the news in the second inning of the game that his test on Monday came back with inconclusive results. Things shifted into high gear after the second test came back positive. The entire situation turned south after Turner decided to ignore MLB instruction to remain isolated from the team and instead celebrate with his teammates.

Turner initially wore a mask on the field but briefly removed it during a team photo with the World Series trophy while sitting next to manager Dave Roberts, a cancer survivor. The situation’s optics certainly didn’t look good given he contracted the virus and willingly ignored health protocols that put others around him in danger.

Despite all that, Turner just got the best news positive after the mind-boggling fiasco.

No Dodger players test positive for COVID-19

The entirety of the situation around Justin Turner’s positive test and his actions quickly shifted toward his teammates’ and coaches’ health.

Turner was around his teammates and various coaches before his COVID-19 test results came back. The MLB responded immediately to provide rapid testing for the entire LA Dodgers team and staff, which have all luckily come back negative, according to Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports.

LA dodged a massive bullet with the potential of others getting the virus. The ripple effect could have put numerous others in danger, especially those that have underlying health conditions. What should also be noted is that Nightengale reported that a Tampa Bay Rays player did test positive for the virus did not fly back home with the team.

The entire matter could have gone down a much more concerning path than just looking bad optically. If the Dodgers didn’t close out the series in Game 6, there could have been some serious questions about the status for Game 7. Instead, the MLB will move forward with much to learn from this serious incident.

Could Justin Turner face MLB punishment?


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The next matter on the MLB agenda will be to determine what type of punishment Justin Turner could receive.

Turner’s actions following the news of the positive test saw him willingly ignore the safety protocols. The MLB has already put out a press release that outlines that they are investigating the situation further.

The statement lays out that Turner “chose to disregard the agreed-upon joint protocols” in his decision to celebrate the World Series win with his teammates. Commissioner Rob Manfred also confirmed the investigation but didn’t go further into the subject.

There should be more on this front in the coming days as the MLB gathers more facts about the situation.