Lakers’ Anthony Davis Finally Gives Honest Answer About His Free Agency

Throughout his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis has continued to face questions concerning his long-term future with the franchise. It’s well-expected that Davis is going to opt-out of the final year of his deal to enter the free-agent market. Beyond that, there isn’t any clarity as far as what his approach will be on his next contract. With him earning yet another selection to the All-Star Game, Davis has once again faced questions concerning his 2020 Summer plans.

Anthony Davis’ first campaign with Lakers

Despite lingering questions regarding his NBA future, Davis has put forth an impressive first year with the Lakers.

The 26-year-old has stepped in comfortably as the leading scoring punch as he’s averaging a team-best 26.6 points and 9.2 rebounds on 51.9% from the floor in 46 games played heading into the All-Star break. Davis has been a massive part of the Lakers holding the best record in the Western Conference and potentially giving them a chance to contend for an NBA title.

Davis has displayed plenty of comfort on the floor alongside LeBron James as the two have demonstrated strong chemistry from the get-go. Davis has put up stellar individual outings along the way as he’s put up 22 double-doubles with 36 games tallying at least 20 points with 14 being at least 30 points.

That includes him become the first player in Lakers history to record at least 46 points, 13 rebounds, and three steals in a single game. It has further underlined that Davis may have found his next long-term home in the NBA in Los Angeles.

Anthony Davis on his upcoming free agency

Since the Lakers acquired Davis, he has faced the constant concerning his contract situation. There is an overwhelming expectation that he will elect to become a free agent to put himself in the position to secure a lucrative deal.

Davis has stayed on the path of avoiding pinpointing his plans for his future beyond this season. However, the star big man may have just provided his honest thought process concerning the situation at this point, according to Jay Cohen of the Associated Press.

“I have no idea about free agency right now,” Davis said. “I’m worried about this season and what I can do to focus on helping the Lakers win this year and then when that time comes, then come do an interview with me then, we’ll figure it out.”

That shouldn’t be surprising that Davis has remained par for the course with his decision-making process. It’s something that he wants to most of the opportunity when it arises this upcoming offseason.

If there is anything to assess right now is his next contract is the furthest thing from his mind.

Anthony Davis’ Lakers future tied to LeBron James

It’s doubtful that Davis will give any tidbit to what exactly he has him in mind for his upcoming free agency.

In all likelihood, Davis will return re-sign with the Lakers, given the high level of success he has had in his brief time with the franchise. He also developed a strong bond with James as the two have proven to be among the best 1-2 punches.

What may also be intriguing is the length of contract that he is eligible to sign in free agency. Early projections have him in line to potentially earn a max contract worth around $202 million over five years. That is something that only the Lakers can offer over the summer.

There is also the possibility that he could ink a two-year deal with a second-year option that could put him in the free-agent market alongside James if the two elect to go that route. It also keeps his options open to earn another lofty deal.

Ultimately, clarity will only be reached in this matter once free agency comes about.