Lakers Finally Unveil Encouraging News Regarding Anthony Davis

The LA Lakers have navigated through the last several weeks without star Anthony Davis. LA has fully embraced the all-hands-on-deck approach with Davis’ injury to avert an even worse situation from arising. With that in mind, the Lakers have provided a promising update concerning the matter.

Anthony Davis continues to remain on the mend

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Since mid-February, the Lakers have ventured forward with Anthony Davis sidelined with a bothersome Achilles injury.

Davis initially attempted to play through the situation, but LA has elected to keep him off the floor to avoid any further setbacks. The Lakers first voiced that the 28-year-old would miss at least a month or potentially longer, erring on the side of precaution.

LA has now provided another significant update with the situation that has brought forth some encouraging news.

Lakers finally unveil encouraging news regarding Anthony Davis

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Since the All-Star break, there continues to remain an underlying focus around Anthony Davis’ health.

The star forward is on a steady path toward returning to the court, but there was much mystery regarding what he has done so far in his recovery. According to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell, the team voiced on Friday that Davis has been cleared to move forward with his on-court work activities.

“[He] was re-examined by team medical staff earlier this evening,” Trudell reported. “He continues to progress in his recovery and has been cleared to advance his on-court work. Additional updates will be given when appropriate.”

Trudell further clarified that the advanced work includes increased volume and intensity in shooting, dribbling, and position-specific drills. The 28-year-old was spotted on Friday night working out before the team’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s quite clear that the Lakers are handling the situation with tremendous caution. The eight-time All-Star is working through an extremely sensitive area. LA wants to avoid additional issues with that part of his ankle, as it could see things head south quickly.

There isn’t yet a set timetable for Davis’ return, but he is at least progressing forward in his recovery process. The Lakers will continue to monitor the situation closely to see how his body responds to the recent increased workload.

Precaution remains key moving forward

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It hasn’t been the easiest process for the Lakers to navigate through, but it’s a situation they have exercised much patience.

LA has only become tested to a greater extent after LeBron James suffered a right high-ankle sprain that may keep him off the floor for a few more weeks. The team has notably struggled without their two stars falling to the fourth-best mark in the West.

The Lakers did manage to snap a four-game skid on Friday after moving past the Cavaliers behind a solid collective performance. LA has struggled to gather any strong offensive production with Davis and James off the floor. It has opened up the opportunity for their core group to step up, but it has been a struggle to find efficient play.

Some much-needed help may shortly arrive, with the Lakers reportedly moving close to landing former All-Star center Andre Drummond. The 27-year-old could immediately step in as the starting center while providing a strong defensive paint presence and a significant factor on the glass.

Ultimately, the Lakers’ hopes of contending for another NBA title lie on Davis and James returning healthy to the fold. Only time will tell if that will come to fruition in the coming weeks before the playoffs.