Lakers Just Cemented Kobe Bryant Being a Part of Their NBA Title Run

The LA Lakers have continued their march toward an NBA title that now has them a win away from the ultimate goal. Throughout the process, the Lakers have continued to find unique ways to honor the late great Kobe Bryant. LA has decided to move in that direction again with their latest move in their championship quest.

Lakers move a step closer to an NBA title

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Following the Lakers’ first loss in the series in Game 3, they responded on Tuesday night with a gut-it-out win.

Miami challenged LA throughout the contested that saw it remain a one-possession game late into the fourth quarter. LeBron James stepped up in the moment with 11 points in the period while Kentavious Caldwell-Pope made a couple of critical shots. Meanwhile, Anthon Davis stepped up in the crunch time with a crucial 3-pointer and a block on Jimmy Butler’s layup to seal the win.

With the opportunity to secure the NBA title, the Lakers have decided to honor Kobe Bryant in the only way possible for Game 5.

Lakers to wear Black Mamba jerseys for Game 5

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Throughout the playoffs, the Lakers have made it quite clear that the team is extremely motivated to honor Kobe Bryant.

The team has continued to use the term “Mamba Mentality” in the postseason while fully embracing talking about Bryant any time his name has been brought up in any discussion. That has especially been the case each time they have worn the Black Mamba snakeskin jerseys in the playoffs. That alone only makes it reasonable for the franchise to elect to use those jerseys for a fifth in the postseason for Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

The Lakers are undefeated in each of the first four games they wore the uniform, which the last time came in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. What makes the move that much more special is that Vanessa Bryant took to Instagram to give her blessing to use the jerseys that honor her late husband and daughter Gianna Bryant.

It has been an impressive run through the playoffs for the Lakers that continues to draw a strong connection to the former franchise great. Some parallels are hard to ignore as LA has the chance to secure the NBA title in five games, which each of the playoffs series before it has each gone only that amount of contests.

Fans have connected that total alone to Bryant winning five championships in his Hall of Fame career. Beyond that, it adds another motivating factor for the Lakers to secure their 17th NBA title on Friday night.

Dogfight ahead in Game 5

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The journey to a championship has been quite difficult for the Lakers with a formidable opponent in the NBA Finals.

The Heat have continued to challenge the Lakers behind their steady collective play on both ends of the floor. Star forward Jimmy Butler has been the guiding force, while their unselfish play offense has opened the door for other talents such as rookie Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo to each become significant playoff factors.

LA has responded to these stiff challenges with adjustments throughout the series. That featured them moving Anthony Davis to guard Butler in Game 4 that significantly impacted his performance after his40-point triple-double in Game 3.

The Heat may have a massive uphill battle in the series, but the Lakers shouldn’t deter their fight toward an NBA title. LA can see the finish line, but it won’t come with any ease as Miami’s confidence hasn’t wavered at any point throughout the NBA Finals. It will all lead to what should be another entertaining game on Friday night that could conclude the series.