Lamar Jackson Hates Comparisons to Patrick Mahomes

It hasn’t taken long for Lamar Jackson to carve his lane to stardom in the NFL after a historic 2019 campaign. Jackson has become the driving force for the Baltimore Ravens‘ bright future ahead. His rise to prominence in the league has quickly thrown him in the conversation with Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes due to their similar ascension to success. However, it’s a comparison that doesn’t endear much to Jackson.

Lamar Jackson’s NFL career

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It didn’t take long for Lamar Jackson to burst onto the scene to make an impact in the NFL.

Jackson took that to an entirely new level in the 2019 season behind his record-setting campaign that made him only the second unanimous MVP winner. Beyond setting the single-season rushing mark for a quarterback with 1,206 yards, he proved to be more than a capable passer with 36 touchdowns passes to six interceptions, first with an 81.9 quarterback rating, and held a 113.3 passer rating.

He was the driving force to the league’s highest-scoring offense that was the first team to average more than 200 rushing yards per game. He was also the first player to notch at least 30 touchdowns passes and 1,000 rushing yards in a single season. Jackson’s performance has helped elevate him to superstar status in the league, which often put him in the same conversation with the reigning Super Bowl MVP, which is a discussion he doesn’t like much.

Lamar Jackson doesn’t like comparisons to Patrick Mahomes

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Lamar Jackson has quickly become the face of the franchise for the Ravens that has led to tremendous success in the process.

His quick rise to the top has drawn comparisons to Patrick Mahomes as the two had similar paths to success with each winning the MVP award in their first full season as a starter. However, it’s a discussion that Jackson voiced to Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report that he hopes can stop.

“Yeah it’s annoying. We play football for two different teams. We got nothing to do with each other beside play football. That’s it.”

Although they are among two of the league’s best quarterbacks, they have two vastly different playing styles. Mahomes has found a great deal of success behind his playmaking ability with his arm while Jackson has been a dominant game-changing factor with his legs.

The two may continue to be intertwined with each other as they vie for AFC supremacy over the last next several years, but these star quarterbacks are quite different in many ways on the football field.

Lamar Jackson is carving out his own legacy

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Coming off his first MVP award, Lamar Jackson has a tremendous level of expectations ahead of him in the 2020 season.

Some doubters don’t believe he can replicate or build off the success he had last year. That is fueled by the Ravens’ shortcomings in the playoffs against the Tennessee Titans, which provides Jackson continued his growth.

The 23-year-old is well aware that he has room for improvement as a passer if he wants to take his game to the next level. Teams will be taking a different approach to defending against him that will likely see them employ a similar game plan to what the Titans utilized. There will be a greater focus for opponents to make Jackson beat them with his arms rather than running the ball.

Jackson is a star talent in the league, but to reach the ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl, he will have to show marked improvement next season to lift Baltimore to the mountaintop like Mahomes did with Kansas City.