Lamar Jackson Just Got the Motivation He Needed to Become the Best

Star quarterback Lamar Jackson has quickly established himself as one of the premier NFL talents. Jackson has become the guiding force for the Baltimore Ravens‘ success and has put a bright future ahead of the franchise. However, some still doubt his ability, which was once again the case to begin the 2020 season.

Lamar Jackson continues the tremendous start to his NFL career

Lamar Jackson fully burst onto the scene in his second NFL season in 2019, which marked his first campaign as the full-time starter.

There were many questions about his ability to excel at the next level with his style of play. Jackson more than answered those doubts as he set the single-season rushing mark for a quarterback with 1,206 yards. He also proved to be a highly capable passer with 36 touchdowns passes to six interceptions, first with an 81.9 quarterback rating, and held a 113.3 passer rating.

Jackson guided the league’s highest-scoring offense that became the first team to average more than 200 rushing yards per game. He was also the first player to notch at least 30 touchdowns passes and 1,000 rushing yards in a single season.

He has also added to his strong start to this career through the first two games of the 2020 season by becoming the first player to record at least 45 touchdown passes and throw fewer than 10 interceptions (nine) over his first 600 career pass attempts.

Despite all that, some still doubt his ability under center, which he had to prove to wrong once again.

Lamar Jackson proves another doubter wrong

Despite putting forth a historic 2019 campaign that helped him become the unanimous regular-season MVP, there are still those that doubt Lamar Jackson.

That was once again the case before the 2020 season opener against the Cleveland Browns as defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson stated that Jackson wouldn’t “turn into Aaron Rodgers no time soon.”

It was all the fuel that Jackson needed to torch the Browns to the tune of 275 passing yards with three touchdowns and a 151.2 quarterback rating in the 38-6 win. Following the game, the reigning league MVP was asked if he heard the comments, and his response was swift. (H/T Sports Illustrated)

“Yeah I did,” he replied.

Did that add more fuel to his game?  

“I guess so,” Jackson said with a smile.

There continues to be those that doubt Jackson’s ability despite him showing he’s a special talent through his first two-plus NFL seasons. He has been the guiding force toward the franchise becoming a playoff constant again while being a game-changing factor with his play.

Jackson isn’t one to boast about his play through the media or any other fashion, but his performance on the field certainly speaks for itself.

Plenty of motivation to prove it with his play


Lamar Jackson’s Critics Are Making The Same Ridiculous Mistake

The Ravens entered the 2020 season with plenty of high expectations after their 14-2 campaign but experienced notable shortcomings in the playoffs.

Lamar Jackson may have put forth a historic individual campaign, but it’s the playoff struggles that provide motivation. Jackson has showcased that he’s one of the league’s best talents, which the next step lies with proving he can guide his team to a Super Bowl win.

It’s the one hole in his brief NFL resume that his doubters will point to regardless of how successful he is in the regular season. The Ravens are off to a strong start in the 2020 season that suggests that they can vie for the Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the benchmark in the AFC, but Jackson is poised to push Baltimore toward much more than a playoff berth.