Lamar Jackson Makes Surprising Admission About the Chiefs

Lamar Jackson and Baltimore Ravens are coming off a disappointing Week 3 loss to the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes guided the Chiefs to a comfortable win on the road while Jackson struggled to find any consistent offensive production. Following the game, the reigning MVP made a surprising admission about Kansas City.

Lamar Jackson, Ravens fall to the Chiefs

In the Ravens’ first marquee matchup of the 2020 season, the team fell to their first loss on Monday night against the Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes guided Kansas City to a comfortable road win behind a strong showing. Mahomes recorded 385 passing yards with four touchdown passes and a 133.5 passer rating. Despite a second-half push from the Ravens, the Chiefs had command throughout, scoring 27 points in the first half.

Lamar Jackson struggled to keep up with the reigning Super Bowl MVP as he passed for 97 yards on 15-of-28 completed passes with a touchdown. Jackson was effective with his legs with 83 rushing yards on nine attempts, but couldn’t effectively guide Baltimore down the field with only 16 first downs, converted 3-of-9 third downs, scored on 1-of-4 red-zone trips, and averaged 4.3 yards per play.

It was a lopsided contest that Mahomes and the Chiefs never truly felt tested by the Ravens. Following the game, Jackson made a surprising comment about Kansas City.

Lamar Jackson’s stunning admission about the Chiefs

Another convincing performance from Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs pushed Lamar Jackson to an 0-3 career record against the franchise.

Jackson and Ravens struggled to find any consistent offensive success, which saw them fall to the same disappointing result. Following Monday’s contest, the 23-year-old admitted to the media that Mahomes and Kansas City are Baltimore’s “kryptonite.”

The Ravens star quarterback reference came just before stating that the Chiefs followed suit with the same defensive game plan that the Tennessee Titans had against them in the wild-card playoff loss. If anything, it speaks to the team’s struggles to adjust or add new wrinkles to the game plan to find offensive success.

At the same time, it’s quite rare for any player to openly voice that another team has their number. That isn’t to say that Jackson isn’t further motivated to move past the one team that has continued to be a thorn in his side.

More motivation to improve


Lamar Jackson Might Not Be the Most Important Part of the Ravens’ Offense

Although it was just one game, it’s clear that the Chiefs are still at the top of the AFC’s pecking order.

The Ravens have proven that they are once again a legitimate playoff team, but still have a hill to climb against Kansas City. Lamar Jackson’s shortcoming will continue to be a criticism, especially his ineffectiveness passing the game in the notable losses. He is continuing to make strides in that area, but negative chatter is sent in his direction anytime he experiences any struggles.

He’s well aware of the situation, but it also provides him tremendous motivation. That was a significant part of what pushed Jackson forward to put forth his historic MVP campaign last season. There is still plenty of room for growth, which should see him rebound from the loss to the Chiefs and record several more strong performances in the 2020 season.

Kansas City will continue to be the gold standard that Baltimore is hoping to reach. If anything, the Week 3 loss is an early test and a chance to assess what adjustments are needed. There is much of the campaign left to play that could see Jackson and the Ravens take some significant strides forward toward Super Bowl contention.