Lamar Jackson May Never Truly Compare to Patrick Mahomes

Through his first two seasons in the NFL, Lamar Jackson hasn’t been able to avoid the comparisons to Patrick Mahomes. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback has carved out his future with the franchise. Still, now there is significant motivation to prove much more after Mahomes record-breaking extension with the Kansas City Chiefs. However, the pathway to that may be much more complicated than envisioned.

Patrick Mahomes inks record-breaking deal

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Following months of speculation, Patrick Mahomes has finally secured his long-term extension with the Chiefs.

It has put him in a league of his own with the richest contract in all professional sports as he signed a 10-year extension worth up to $503 million with $477 million guaranteed. Mahomes has locked himself in place with the Chiefs for the next 12 seasons as he still has two more years left on his rookie deal.

It’s a contract that more than rests the market at the quarterback position as it’s more than three times the deal that Matt Ryan received from the Atlanta Falcons worth $150 million. It has set the table for the next batch of quarterbacks, eyeing a new lucrative extension to garner even greater contracts from their respective teams. Among those is Lamar Jackson, who is getting close to his time to earn a historic deal.

Lamar Jackson’s tough path to comparing to Patrick Mahomes

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Throughout his first two seasons in the league, Lamar Jackson has hated being compared to Patrick Mahomes.

It’s one that he believes there isn’t much credence to it, given their drastically different playing styles on the field. That talk was fueled more with Jackson earning the MVP award in his first full season as a starter like Mahomes, but he believes it all stops there. However, there is another manner where he would more than embrace those comparisons to his colleague, and that involves his bank account.

The Chiefs star quarterback has set the standard for contracts at the quarterback position behind his success through his first three years. Jackson can make a solid case to earn a historic deal from the Ravens in his third year in the league, which after the 2020 campaign, he can begin exploring a contract extension.

Jackson has already positioned himself to garner a lucrative deal after his rookie contract as he has become the driving force to the Ravens’ success. It’s on his shoulders to make Baltimore feel comfortable committing to a significant contract to him for the long haul. Mahomes’ play through his first three seasons has given more than enough reason to believe his best years are in front of him, and Jackson has an opportunity to showcase the same thing.

Lamar Jackson’s contract situaion

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Lamar Jackson is heading into the third year of his rookie deal that will likely see the Ravens pick up the fifth-year option next offseason.

That will give Baltimore a bit more time and security with Jackson’s contract. However, his play in 2020 dictates the urgency to get an extension in place, as it proved to be the case for Patrick Mahomes this offseason. Jackson has firmly planted himself as the franchise’s future. Still, it will need to see continued to improve in his maturation as an NFL quarterback by becoming a more effective passer.

As history has shown, there is a shelf life on quarterbacks that emphasize running the ball, and Jackson can prove he won’t fall into that category. If he wants that historic long-term commitment from the Ravens, it’s going to need him to showcase that he can remain highly effective and improve steadily as a passer to where there won’t be any concern over achieving sustained success and him staying healthy.