Lamar Jackson Shouldn’t Get His Hopes Up About Ravens Signing Antonio Brown

Throughout the last year, it has been a winding road for Antonio Brown to get back into the NFL. That has seen the rumor mill around him continue to remain prevalent as he looks to get another chance to prove he belongs in the league. That has seen star quarterback Lamar Jackson air out his desire to play alongside the All-Pro wide receiver in the 2020 season. However, that’s a situation that Jackson shouldn’t be too keen on the Baltimore Ravens signing Brown.

Antonio Brown’s desire to play in the NFL again

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It has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride with Antonio Brown over the last year.

Brown has expressed varying interests in getting back into the NFL. He has gone toward both sides of the fences with him with his desire to play football again. That has been on display in July as he hinted at retiring on Twitter last week, but that was followed shortly after that he wanted the investigation around his off-the-field issues to be finished finally.

It’s been challenging to gauge where Brown’s mindset is concerning his football future, but it’s clear that he could jump at an opportunity to play again. There are a couple of situations that pop out that could see him get that chance, and one player he worked out with this offseason is already vying to get him signed.

Lamar Jackson wants to play with Antonio Brown

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Throughout the offseason, Antonio Brown has garnered a budding relationship with the reigning league MVP Lamar Jackson. That has seen the two hold multiple workouts that have sparked rumors of the star wideout joining the Ravens.

Jackson has once again fed that chatter as he voiced on Monday morning that he would love to see Baltimore ink Brown to a deal, according to Jamison Hensley of ESPN.

“It was nice throwing to Antonio Brown. I was hoping we would get him. I’m still hoping — a little bit.”

The star quarterback has been quite vocal in his support toward Brown getting back in the league. There is a strong connection between the two that Jackson wants to see them build upon in a Ravens’ uniform together in the 2020 season. However, it’s a situation that is out of his hands entirely.

Ravens may bypass that situation

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With Lamar Jackson publicly vouching for the Ravens to sign Antonio Brown, it puts the pressure on the franchise to make that move potentially.

There is no question that Brown is an extremely talented player as he’s one of three players along with Jerry Rice and Calvin Johnson in NFL history to have at least 11,200 receiving yards and 74 receiving touchdowns in their first nine seasons. It’s a situation that comes down to the other factors at play away from the football field.

Brown is still dealing with lingering serious legal matters, along with a possible suspension from the NFL due to his off-the-field issues. The 32-year-old also has a recent track record of being difficult for teams to work with that saw his behavior cost him an opportunity with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Las Vegas Raiders.

The star wideout is quite unpredictable, and that alone could draw pause from any front office. These are things that NFL teams may be considering when discussing bringing aboard Brown. His talent is undeniable, but it’s the other factors in the situation that appear to be the hold-up and why joining the Ravens seems unlikely.