Lamar Jackson Spent a Fortune Buying Gifts for His Offensive Line

Lamar Jackson is having a historic season, and while many quarterbacks of his caliber may want the credit to go solely on them, Jackson isn’t like most quarterbacks. Every quarterback from Jackson to Tom Brady needs a good offensive line to perform to the best of their ability, and Jackson has been vocal about how well his line has done protecting him all year. It’s one of the reasons he is the type of QB any team would like to have running the offense. He paid this forward by giving them each a luxury gift to show them just how much he appreciates what they’ve done for him. 

Lamar Jackson had an MVP-type season

Jackson was, in many ways, a wildcard coming into the 2019 NFL season. He broke out during the latter half of the Ravens’ 2018 campaign thanks in large part to his ability to run the ball on top of throwing it. That reputation garnered not only comparisons to Michael Vick but doubts about how Jackson could perform in the NFL moving forward. People pegged him as a run-first quarterback without an arm to fall back on, and this year Jackson showed that those people were wrong. 

The season wasn’t an immediate success. While Lamar Jackson had a fantastic Week 1 win over the Miami Dolphins in which he completed 17 of his 20 passes for five touchdowns and zero interceptions and followed it up with a win against the Cardinals, he and the Ravens drop the next two games to the Kansas City Chiefs and, more embarrassingly, the Cleveland Browns. That flipped a switch for Jackson, however. 

Starting in Week 5, Jackson began building his MVP resume, and the Ravens turned their game up to another level. They won every game after that, most of which were blowouts. Not only did Jackson show that he had not only a good arm, but a potentially great one, but his rushing didn’t suffer in the slightest. With a quarterback who can seemingly do anything, the line had to stay on its toes, and it did just that. 

The Ravens’ offensive line

The Ravens' O-line paved the way for an MVP-type season for QB Lamar Jackson, and he thanked them for their efforts with a lavish gift.
Lamar Jackson (middle) calls a play in the huddle. | Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images

The Ravens’ O-line had to put in extra work when it came to protecting a quarterback like Lamar Jackson. To some, that could sound like a criticism, but it is a compliment to the way that he can think on the fly and get it done in a variety of different ways. The Ravens were among the top teams in the NFL when it came to the most rushing yards. 

When it came to protecting Jackson, the team was in the top three in sack percentage. Jackson needs an open field to work his magic, and his offensive line from one through 12 did a fantastic job giving him that space throughout the season. When the end of the season coincided with the holidays, Jackson paid them back for a job well done. 

Lamar Jackson gave the O-line an expensive gift

Lamar Jackson took over the NFL in 2019 and could be the MVP in runaway fashion. The Ravens, despite their 2-2 start, hold the No. 1 overall seed in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Jackson led the league in passing touchdowns, and his 1,206 rushing yards were a quarterback record. Feeling the need to give back to the team that helped him so much, Jackson gave his line brand new Rolexes

The watches could be worth as much as $4,000 each, or close to $50,000 total if Jackson bought 12. That’s not a cheap purchase for somebody on his rookie deal, but his teammates deserved a gift like that. The Ravens need Lamar Jackson to succeed, and he needs his line to play well for him to do that on a game-to-game basis. Not only is it great to see Jackson give his team credit, but it’s also great to see how quickly they all came together as a unit and succeeded.