Lamar Jackson Surprisingly Calls on Donald Trump to Help His Childhood Friend

Over the last few years, Lamar Jackson has become one of the league’s most popular players. The Baltimore Ravens star quarterback has garnered an elevated platform behind his NFL success and bright future ahead. With that in mind, Jackson has chosen to use tremendous public recognition to reach to Donald Trump to help his longtime childhood friend.

Lamar Jackson’s longtime friendship with Kodak Black

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Before Lamar Jackson became a prominent NFL star, he developed a strong kinship with rapper Kodak Black.

The two grew up together in Pompano Beach, Florida, throughout much of their childhood. The two attended the same elementary school together, and that bond has remained strong over the years. Black has attended NFL games to show his support for his longtime friend.

In return, Jackson has celebrated touchdowns against the Washington Football Team and Miami Dolphins doing the “Kodak Bop.” He also voiced that he listens to Black’s music before every game.

Black celebrated alongside Jackson in the locker room after the Ravens’ 2018 regular-season finale following clinching the AFC North division title. He took pictures with the star quarterback and his teammates, including giving him his “1800” chain.

With all that in mind, Jackson has taken a surprisingly swift step toward helping his childhood friend out.

Lamar Jackson shockingly calls on Donald Trump to help his friend

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Over the last few years, Lamar Jackson has garnered some tremendous recognition in the sports world.

All that has guided him toward an elevated platform, which he has used for a personal cause. The reigning league MVP took to Twitter on Tuesday to ask Donald Trump if he could commute the sentence of his imprisoned friend Kodak Black.

Black is currently serving a 46-month prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to federal weapon charges in 2019. The case centered on Black admitting to falsifying information on background checks for guns he bought on two different instances.

Where things got muddy for him center on each weapon discovered at crime scenes. The rapper was also charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and criminal possession of a firearm when he went from Canada to New York in 2019. Black’s legal team has pushed hard through his legal team to reduce his sentence, but the court has denied his requests.

In his last attempt, the U.S Attorney in the case didn’t believe he presented a compelling reason to have his sentence shortened. Jackson’s public plea for Trump is another effort to resolve the situation. The president has been giving pardons to war criminals and corrupt political allies over the last few weeks.

Will the request be met with action?

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The next step in the process lies out his hands as Donald Trump holds the final decision in that situation.

It’s likely that Trump will ignore the situation before his presidency ends later this month. He has given pardons or commutations to over two dozen people, including his former campaign chairman, son-in-law’s father, among others.

It’s not the first time that Jackson has interacted with Trump via Twitter. In April 2020, the 45th president responded to a tweet that contained a video of Jackson and Green Bay Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander, his former collegiate teammate at Louisville.

Trump’s response stated, “Really nice to see this and, what a great pick!” It didn’t take the Ravens’ star quarterback to answer back with “Truzz Trump.”

Ultimately, the rest of the situation in Trump’s hands to decide whether he wants to intervene in that matter.