LaMelo Ball Has No Desire to Spend His $35.6 Million NBA Contract

The Charlotte Hornets and team owner Michael Jordan have moved forward with LaMelo Ball as their next potential franchise cornerstone. Ball has created much buzz around his NBA future, especially with play in his first preseason action. He has also shown some encouraging acumen when it comes to his NBA contract money.

The Hornets are committed to LaMelo Ball

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The Charlotte Hornets are coming off a disappointing campaign that saw them finish well outside the playoff picture.

Charlotte has struggled to find consistent success, even during All-Star point guard Kemba Walker’s stint with the franchise. The organization is looking to take a step toward building a strong team in the Eastern Conference.

The Hornets are hoping to take that next leap with promising point guard LaMelo Ball guiding the way. Despite Ball lacking any experience at the collegiate ranks, the organization moved forward with the 19-year-old as the third overall pick in this year’s draft.

Ball immediately enters the fold as a potential franchise centerpiece due to his high draft selection. Outside of his NBA future, he has already made it clear that he has some promising wisdom in another essential aspect of his life.

LaMelo Ball doesn’t want to spend his NBA contract money

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Before his first NBA preseason action, LaMelo Ball generated some social media buzz after displaying a recently bought diamond-encrusted grill.

It didn’t take long for that to come back around to him through the media concerning his off-the-court purchases. The 19-year-old quickly shot down the notion that it was his first splurge with his first NBA check from his estimated $35.1 million rookie deal. (H/T ESPN)

“I don’t spend my NBA money,” Ball said. “I’m smarter than that.”

Ball likely used some endorsement money to buy the grill, but it speaks more significantly to his mindset about his NBA money. He may have youth on his side, but his approach to his handlings with his newfound riches is well beyond his age.

It certainly helps to have an older brother, Lonzo Ball, who has been in the NBA for a few years. That alone could be playing a significant factor in helping him manage his money, especially after the internal misdealings with losing $1.5 million to close family friend Alan Foster. It also helps to think this way with only the first two years of his deal for $16 million are guaranteed.

These factors are likely playing a role in LaMelo’s approach to handling his money that can go a long way to keeping away from any financial problems.

Bright future ahead

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LaMelo Ball’s off-the-court purchases and decision-making aside, he has quickly given the Hornets much to be excited about.

In his first preseason action, Ball showed much promise with his play despite going scoreless on 0-for-5 shooting. The 19-year-old had some impressive flashy passes that left social media buzzing.

Although it may have just been a preseason game, Ball clearly has some special court vision, especially in fast break situations. His ability to playmake as a passer could quickly help him become a high-impact player in his rookie campaign. There will be bumps along the way as he adjusts to the NBA competition and speed of the game.

The Hornets are hoping that he can become a piece that they can build around for the next decade. There will be a significant amount of pressure on his shoulders, but Ball will be given every opportunity to find success in the NBA.

Charlotte is a franchise that is on the rebuild, hoping to scrap their way back into the playoff picture. His presence alone should make the franchise must-watch TV each time the Hornets take the floor this upcoming season.