Las Vegas Makes a Tremendous Amount of Money From the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl might as well be Christmas for an avid gambler. With so much riding on the game and a bevy of wild bets that people can place, it’s one of the most profitable events in the gambling mecca of Las Vegas.

With so many people not only inside the city but across the world using Vegas’s resources to place bets on nearly every aspect of the Super Bowl, it’s no surprise that the city rakes in millions of dollars every time the big game kicks off. 

How much does Vegas take in on the Super Bowl? 

In 2019, the city of Las Vegas took in $145,939,025 in bets and only had to return 7.4% of the money in the process. This was a productive year by all standards, as it brought the entire city $135 million. When the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the heavily favored New England Patriots in 2018, however, the city experienced even more valuable betting.

That Super Bowl saw the city take in $158,586,934 in bets and only a 0.7% return rate. What makes the big game such a lucrative event: It draws in people who may not necessarily gamble every week. Deep-pocketed gamblers may make up a big chunk of the big bets, but the average inexperienced gambler will also likely put down sums on the Super Bowl.

Vegas isn’t the entire picture either. According to, the global intake of the game is over 40 times that of Vegas, meaning billions are being passed through different hands. 

What are people betting on?

Many of these bets are on in-game items, like who will win at the end of each quarter, each half, or the end of the game. Other bets focus on individual players. How many yards will this running back have? How many tackles will this linebacker have? With the Super Bowl, however, the bets can get downright insane.

Prop bets are available for a variety of events, but they’re never quite as prominent as they are in the Super Bowl. These bets can be used to wager on everything from the length of the national anthem to whether the coin flip will result in heads or tails. This year’s game is no exception, as Odds Shark pointed out in their rundown of the strangest prop bets. 

President Donald Trump has a series of prop bets. For example, people are wagering whether or not he will tweet more than 13.5 times on February 2. Others are betting on whether he will attend the game in Miami. Another bet is asking whether the winning team will go to the White House and meet with the president.

Commercials are another target of prop bets. Will Colin Kaepernick appear in a Nike commercial during the game? Will Coca-Cola or Pepsi get the first commercial? Many people watch the game for the commercials first and football second, and these sorts of bets allow them to play along. 

Prop bets can go anywhere. With a game as big as the Super Bowl, they can be as amusing as anything in the game. In the end, however, the normal bets will make the most money. 

Who has the better odds to win the Super Bowl?

The odds will change over and over leading up to the Super Bowl. Every injury and change to the teams will move the odds ever-so-slightly. As of Wednesday, January 29, the Chiefs were the favorite by just 1.5 points according to multiple oddsmakers. As more bets come in, however, this spread will likely change.

The game is bound to be an exciting one filled with memorable events.  Whether people are betting or watching for fun, every little detail could be the difference between money and shame for those who bet on Super Bowl LIV. 

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