Lawrence Taylor Doesn’t Remember Getting Drafted Because He Drank Too Many Beers

Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor is well regarded as being one of the greatest players to play in the NFL. Taylor spent his entire career with the New York Giants, where he experienced much success but also battled through many issues off the field that could have easily derailed his career. There are numerous incredibly ridiculous instances that he was involved with away from the game that spoke to how hectic his life had become. However, there may have been one telling sign of what was to come as he was drunk on draft night that he doesn’t remember being selected by the Giants.

Lawrence Taylor’s NFL career

Taylor spent his entire career with the Giants, where he established himself as arguably the best defensive player to play the game.

He has numerous accolades to his name such as being a two-time Super Bowl champion, 10 Pro Bowl selection, eight First-Team All-Pro nods, two Second-Team All-Pro choices, an MVP award, three NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors, Defensive Rookie of the Year award, and two NFC Player of the Year honors. Taylor is still one of only two defensive players to have won the NFL MVP award.

The former Giants great was a game-changing talent that helped pave the way for outside linebackers to become prominent pass rushers. His 132.5 official sacks are currently 14th all-time in league history, which could have been 142 had his rookie year been counted toward his career total as sacks didn’t become an official stat until 1982.

Before Taylor reached the NFL, he was one of the most prized prospects in the country that saw him celebrate being drafted ridiculously.

Lawrence Taylor was too drunk to remember being drafted

Before he entered the NFL, Taylor had plenty of hype and buzz around his future in the league. That included former Giants general manager George Young voicing that he believed that the North Carolina product could be better than Hall of Famer Dick Butkus.

With their second selection in the first round of the 1981 draft, New York took Taylor with the second overall pick. What is quickly fascinating about the entire process beyond him sliding down to that spot with the New Orleans passing on him is that he admitted on the red carpet for the 2010 NFL Draft that he didn’t remember being selected as he had 41 beers.

“I don’t remember too much, I had 41 Coors Lights. I don’t remember what happened. I just remember it was an exciting time.”

The fact that Taylor drank beer for that event shouldn’t come as a surprise given what is known about his life off the field during his NFL career, but the number of drinks he had is insane. That is more than enough beer to make any person drunk, and it’s no wonder he can’t remember being selected.

The story is another example of the type of decision-making that Taylor had that was more than questionable.

Lawrence Taylor’s career was marred with bad decisions

Taylor was an otherworldly talent on the football field as there had never been a player like him before in NFL history.

He truly changed the game as his ability as a pass rusher from the linebacker position altered many facets of the game planning that modified offensive line protection packages to formations and defensive alignment schemes. Taylor was a one-of-a-kind talent that left an ever-lasting impact on the game.

At the same time, Taylor’s career was marred with lousy decision-making off the field that could have cost him his job. He had failed multiple drug tests that were linked to cocaine usage that fueled his unstable lifestyle away from the game of football.

That said, his draft day story is another insane part from Taylor’s life off the field from his illustrious NFL career.