LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Had a Bond That Could Not Be Broken

There’s no question that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are two of the best players ever to play in the NBA. James was a fan of Bryant growing up, and the two got the opportunity to play with and against each other.

Their relationship grew throughout their careers, and the two became brothers. When Bryant died, James lost someone that he was really close with.

Two NBA greats whose legacies will always be remembered

With James still playing, he has his eyes on winning a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. If he does accomplish that, the title will be dedicated to one of his mentors and close friends, Kobe Bryant. Who would have thought that James and Bryant would play for the same organization? Bryant spent his entire NBA career with the Lakers, winning five NBA titles and having both of his jersey numbers retired. Bryant came into the league as a teenager, and the Lakers organization watched him grow and become one of the NBA’s greatest players.

Like Bryant, James came into the league straight out of high school. James came into the league with high expectations from many people, and he lived up to it. Bryant struggled to see playing time in his first few seasons, but he only used that as motivation. The Lakers had a special talent in Bryant, and he would soon prove to the NBA who he really was. Bryant was a competitor and student of the game. He wanted to be successful at all costs, and he would put in the extra time and effort. Bryant studied the game and found ways to improve his overall game. That’s something that James admired about Bryant.

By the time James came into the league in 2003, Bryant had already won three NBA titles. A young James had dreams of winning multiple championships, and later in his career, he would do that. James currently has three NBA titles, two with the Miami Heat and one with the Cleveland Cavaliers. At the age of 35, James is still playing basketball at a high level and has improved his overall game a lot. When the NBA season resumes at the end of July, the Lakers will be one of the favorites to make it to the NBA finals with James leading the way.

Kobe Bryant playing together and against each other

The world had the opportunity to witness James and Bryant playing together when they were a part of the 2008 Olympic team. Watching those two play side by side was a dream come true for many fans. Fans knew that would be the only time those two would ever play on the same team again. Bryant and James had many battles against each other. The two played each other 22 times, and James owns the record going 16-6 against Bryant.

James averaged 28.2 points, and Bryant averaged 24.6 points during those 22 games. It was also a game to see when Bryant and James faced off against each other. The two had a lot of respect for one another, and Bryant knew how much potential James had to become the league’s best. It’s a shame that we did not get the chance to see them battle it out in an NBA Finals.

The bond that Kobe Bryant and LeBron James built was unbreakable

Bryant and James developed a relationship together when they both were in the league. That relationship got stronger when Bryant retired, and James joined the Lakers. Whenever Bryant would attend a game at the Staples Center, you would see him and James having a conversation, and it would always be all smiles.

The day before Bryant passed, James passed him for third on the all-time scoring list. When that happened, Bryant tweeted at James, saying “Continue to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother.” That was the last tweet that Bryant made before he died. James and Bryant were developing that close relationship that they always wanted. James will never forget the moments they shared on and off the court. Seeing those two together was always a special moment.