LeBron James and Other Athletes Who Will Be in Nike’s New Campaign

Nike grabbed everyone’s attention on Labor Day when they revealed Colin Kaepernick would be part of the new “Just Do It” campaign. The reaction, needless to say, has been uproarious. For every person who has praised Nike, someone else has bashed them. For every social media post flaunting Nike gear, another has shown a pair of swoosh-printed shoes being burned.

But do people realize this new campaign doesn’t start and stop with Kaepernick?

The unemployed quarterback is just one familiar face who will be part of the campaign, which celebrates 30 years of Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan. Members of the Nike family, including LeBron James and Serena Williams, will reportedly also take part in the new ad campaign.

Williams took to social media Monday to show her support for the new campaign.

Not surprisingly, James also gave his support by posting Nike’s new ad banner — which features a closeup of Kaepernick’s face — to his Instagram account.

Kaepernick isn’t the only athlete in the campaign with ties to the NFL. (With whom Nike has a contract extension through 2028, by the way.) Wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr is also taking part in the new ad campaign. He tweeted the Nike ad featuring himself on August 31 — just a few days before the Kaepernick advertisement went public. OBJ, who recently signed a massive contract extension with the New York Giants, has yet to give his two sense on the former 49ers quarterback being part of the campaign.

Linebacker Shaquem Griffin posted his own ad for the Nike campaign on August 31 and has retweeted posts supporting the campaign this week.

Skateboarder Lacey Baker also makes the list of professional athletes featured in the new campaign, posting her ad on the same day the Colin Kaepernick news broke.