Lebron James’ Biggest Challenge in the NBA Orlando Bubble Isn’t on the Court

LeBron James has helped work the LA Lakers into a promising situation since the NBA restarted the season. The Lakers have secured the top overall seed in the Western Conference playoff picture. However, James believes his biggest challenge in the NBA Orlando Bubble will come from something away from the game.

Lakers secure top overall playoff spot in the West

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Heading into the bubble situation in Orlando, the Lakers entered on the verge of securing the first overall seed in the Western Conference.

LeBron James and LA made quick work toward earning that honor with securing it after winning two out of their first three games in the restart. That saw them earn that honor for the first time in a decade, which the last time was achieve the team won the 2010 NBA title behind Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers have been a well-balanced team on both ends of the floor with their veteran-laden roster. The rest of the playoff picture behind them can still fluctuate with Denver Nuggets holding the potential of securing the second overall seed. Meanwhile, the eighth spot could become a tug-of-war with the Memphis Grizzlies currently in the driver’s seat.

Nonetheless, the road map to competing for an NBA title is a bit more challenging that LeBron James would have thought.

LeBron James’ biggest challenge with playing the bubble

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The Lakers have put themselves in a promising spot to make a deep run in the playoffs.

It has seen do that in a unique situation in the Orlando bubble setting that came about due to the coronavirus. With that in mind, LeBron James aired that being away from his family for this extended time is quite challenging mentally to stay locked in on the task. (Lakers Nation)

“Obviously, being away from your family is an unbelievable sacrifice we’re all making, and it’s very difficult. We have road games, when we go to the West Coast or East Coast, you have 11-day road trips of five or six games,” James said.

“And sometimes when you play in the Olympics, you can be away from your family because you’re traveling from country to country. But nothing has ever compared to this. It’s a huge sacrifice we’re all making. I miss the hell out of my family, my wife, my kids, my mother and so on. It’s a huge challenge to be able to stay locked in.”

It’s the same challenge all the players on the 22 teams are taking to play in the bubble setting. Each situation is different, but it’s a draining process mentally to be able from family members for potentially three months. That could be the case for James and the Lakers with their title aspirations.

That will require a significant amount of mental fortitude to utilize basketball as a means to stay focused.

Lakers in position to make title run

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The Lakers have been pegged as one of the top favorites to secure the 2020 NBA title, but that task won’t be easy.

The Western Conference is quite stacked with formidable opponents in the Nuggets, LA Clippers, Houston Rockets, Utah Jazz, and Oklahoma City Thunder. Meanwhile, teams such as the Grizzlies or the Portland Trail Blazers could pose a tough first-round matchup. That is where their veteran presence and star talent with James an Anthony Davis will have to shine through.

The opportunity is there to make a deep playoff run; it’s just a matter of them honing in on the task. Their offense has struggled since the season restart, which has created some cause for concern, but the pieces are in place to make a championship push.