LeBron James Clowns Dabo Swinney After Ohio State’s CFP Victory

LeBron James’ love for the state of Ohio and their sports is clear at this point. The King always shows love for his state, so him cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes in their College Football Semifinal game is just business as usual. 

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney gave Ohio State some bulletin board material going into that game. After Ohio State dominated Clemson en route to 49-28 win, James made sure to remind Swinney about the comments he made earlier in the week. It didn’t stop there, as James went on a tweeting-spree showing support for the Buckeyes.

LeBron James and Ohio State’s relationship

The love the King has for Ohio State’s football program runs deep. He is one of their more popular and vocal supporters, if not the most popular and most vocal. According to Bleacher Report, James’ relationship with Ohio State dates back to his days as a high schooler at St. Vincent-St. Mary. 

Since James became an NBA player in 2003, his relationship with Ohio State has only gotten stronger. He has been an active voice in the recruiting process, which has proven beneficial for Ohio State. Thanks to LeBron James’ star power and impact, they have attracted some of the country’s best talent. In 2014, Ohio State had a canvas of James featured in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. 

Even though he has never taken a single class or played any sport at Ohio State, James still supports the Buckeyes like an alumnus. He often comes to their football games, standing on the sidelines in support of Ohio State. James even admitted that he would’ve become a Buckeye if he decided to play in college. “Absolutely, I wouldn’t have gone nowhere else. I would have been right here wearing this red and this gray, baby,” James said per Bleacher Report.

Entering the College Football Playoff Semifinal, Dabo Swinney ranked Ohio State eleventh in his coach’s poll. That was met with much backlash, but Swinney stood by his ranking ahead of his matchup with the Buckeyes. After Clemson got beatdown by Ohio State, James took the time to troll Clemson’s head coach.

LeBron James goes in on Dabo Swinney on Twitter

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The Ohio State Buckeyes dominated the Clemson Tigers in the Sugar Bowl. Having over 500 yards of offense and six touchdowns from Justin Fields led them to such a commanding victory. James took his celebration to another level, releasing a tweetstorm after he finished his NBA game against the San Antonio Spurs.

One of James’ funniest tweets is a meme from the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance. James tweeted a picture from the series where Jordan says, “I took that personally,” only with Brutus the Buckeye’s head in place of Jordan’s. That is alluding to Swinney’s ranking of Ohio State and the comments about their schedule. James didn’t stop there, as he remembered the heartbreak the Buckeye’s suffered at Clemson’s hands last year.

The King quoted a tweet by another Ohio State fan who played James Brown’s “The Big Payback” in the background. He specifically called out Justin Fields, recognizing him for his outstanding performance. “He’s flat out SPECIAL,” James said in his tweet. He made sure to call out Swinney, bringing up the Clemson coach’s No. 11 ranking he gave the Buckeyes before the game.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what Dabo answer is when they ask him if he still thinks @OhioStateFB is the 11th best team in the country,” James said. Even though he was enjoying the Sugar Bowl victory, he still understands the Buckeyes still have work to do. He tweeted out “keep going,” as the Buckeyes have a date with Alabama in the College Football Championship.

Ohio State rips Clemson on social media

LeBron James wasn’t the only one to take his shot at Clemson. Former and current Ohio State players took to social media to voice their pleasure in Dabo Swinney eating his words.

Former Buckeye and current Indianapolis Colts receiver Parris Campbell tweeted out a quote Swinney made about studying Ohio State, saying Clemson’s film study on them would be quick because they only played six games. Campbell’s post is meant to be sarcastic, as Clemson didn’t seem to study enough for Ohio State.

Current Ohio State receiver Garrett Wilson also talked about his team’s victory, wondering what it meant for Clemson’s ranking. “So does that mean they like #18 or sumn, or is that not how this thing works?” Wilson said. Things got worse for Clemson, as the official Ohio State Football Twitter account added more salt on their wound.

Ohio State’s Football Twitter page tweeted out a playful jab at Clemson’s mascot, a Tiger. They used their mascot name as an acronym, saying, “This Is Gonna End Real Soon.” That game couldn’t end soon enough for Tiger fans, and neither could the Twitter onslaught they were subjected to following the game.

It was a huge night for the Ohio State Buckeyes, and Lebron James took part in the celebration. He wants some respect to be put on the Buckeye’s name, as they put together a display of dominance over Clemson. Even though Dabo Swinney doesn’t regret his ranking of the Buckeyes, James will be sure to remind him of it any chance he gets.