LeBron James Could Have Been a Football Star at Ohio State

LeBron James quickly emerged as one of the best basketball players in the country during his high school career. Drawing sellout crowds, James put on a show for the fans, showing them why he was the best.

Not only did James dominate on the court, but he dominated on the football field too. James played three years of high school football and received a lot of interest from the top programs. If he didn’t pursue a basketball career, he had a football career waiting for him.

What could have been a promising football career

LeBron James played football from his freshman to junior year in high school. He did not play his senior year because he wanted to focus on basketball. Though, in those three years of playing, James accomplished a lot. He finished with 99 receptions, 1,912 receiving yards, and 27 total touchdowns. His primary position was at receiver, but he did play one season as the quarterback. The Akron native was a two-time All-Ohio selection at wide receiver.

Just like on the court, James was a playmaker on the field. He made phenomenal plays that kept his team in ball games and was always the most skilled on the field. James had the height and size at receiver that made him a threat, and defensive backs had issues defending him.

Almost an Ohio State Buckeye

With James being from Ohio, he is a huge Ohio State fan. To this day, he still represents the Buckeyes. An all-around athlete, James was in high school, and if he went to college, the same thing happens, without question. 

Ohio State was his first option for college, but there were bigger and better plans for him in the NBA. Let’s say James did go to Ohio State, then what happens? He ends up becoming a two-sport athlete dominating in both sports and having to decide on whether or not to pursue the NFL or the NBA. 

Either way, you look at it, James has success, basketball was the route he decided to take. It’s always fun to think what if James played in the NFL or if he went to Ohio State. 

Why basketball was the right choice

Everyone knows that James made the right decision. The former No.1 overall draft pick immediately made an impact in the NBA in his first year. What he accomplished over the years is remarkable, and he still has some gas left in that tank of his.

How he has grown over the years lets you know that he takes this game seriously, and he wants to be the best no matter what it takes. He will easily go down as one of the top five players to ever play in the NBA. Now, if he would have put that same effort and time into football, does he still have the same success? That’s a question that people will always ask but will never get the answer. But watching James play basketball is a sight to see, and it will never get old.