LeBron James Had a Heartfelt Message for His Good Friend Carmelo Anthony

Since high school, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have been close friends. The two went from battling in high school to battling in the NBA. James and Anthony were drafted in the same year, and their friendship grew closer over time.

After the LA Lakers defeated the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 5 of the 2020 NBA Playoffs, James wrote a special message to his longtime friend.

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have had successful NBA careers

There’s no question that James and Anthony are two of the top players in NBA history. When their careers are finished, they’ll be in the Hall of Fame. While they were in high school, the two developed a bond, and that carried on into their NBA careers. The two immediately made a name for themselves when they entered the league. Both averaged over 20 points during their rookie season as James went on to win the Rookie of the Year award.

Throughout their careers, they have both become efficient scorers and have made numerous All-Star teams. They each have a scoring title under their belt. While James does have more MVP awards and NBA titles than Anthony, both players have dominated on the court. James has played for three teams during his career, and Anthony has played for five teams.

The two have played together on the U.S. team and won two gold medals together. James has had more success looking at their careers, but that doesn’t take anything away from Anthony being a top player in the league for many years. Both players are two of the best one-on-one players on offense. They can beat you in multiple ways when they have the ball in their hands, and with their size, they can get to the rim and finish with contact.

LeBron and Carmelo battling in the 2020 NBA Playoffs

It seems like yesterday, James and Anthony were playing against each other as rookies. Now they are labeled as the NBA veterans, and they are still playing at a high-level. During the 2020 NBA Playoffs, the Lakers and Trail Blazers battled each other in the first round. That meant that James and Anthony had the chance to go at each other yet again.

The Lakers defeated the Trail Blazers 4-1, but James and Anthony had some impressive performances. During the series, Anthony had two games where he scored 20 or more points, with his highest being 27 during Game 5. James dominated the entire series, where he had three games scoring 30 or more points. The two guarded one another multiple times throughout the series, and it was like watching them play when they first entered the league. 

LeBron’s message to his good friend


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After Game 5, James and Anthony shared a moment where they hugged each other and had a brief conversation. James went on his Instagram and posted two photos of him and Anthony after the game. He also wrote a caption about his friendship with Anthony.

“Going on 20 years of friendship to date my brother, and it will always be a privilege and honor to do what we love to do, and that’s hoop! Never taking these moments for granted cause I just don’t know how many more we got together out there but what I do know is we have the rest of our lives afterwards to continue to live it up to the fullest. Love CHAMP!!!” James’s words explain the relationship the two have had over the years and how much respect they have for each other.

Sports bring people together, and many friendships are formed that last a lifetime. In James and Anthony’s case, they met when they were teenagers, and 20 years later, the two continue to be close friends. This is something that you love to see.