LeBron James Has Done Something No Athlete Has Accomplished Before

LeBron James has become more than a legendary basketball player. The LA Lakers’ star forward has flourished and expanded his impact well outside of any basketball court. James‘ actions and accomplishments have earned him an incredible honor that no athlete has done before.

LeBron James puts forth impressive 17th campaign

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Coming off a disappointing first year with the Lakers, LeBron James was beyond motivated to bounce back.

The 35-year-old did just that with an MVP-caliber campaign in his 17th year that put the Lakers back on the map. With new star teammate Anthony Davis, James guided the franchise to tremendous success with their first playoff appearance in seven years and first No.1 seed in the Western Conference in a decade.

James led the league with a career-high 10.2 assists along with 25.3 points per contest that earned him his 13th All-NBA First Team selection and 16th All-Star game nod. He took his production up another notch in the playoffs as he and Davis pushed the Lakers to a dominating run to an NBA title behind a 16-5 overall record.

James averaged a near triple-double in the postseason with 27.6 points, 10.8 rebounds, and 8.8 assists on 56% shooting from the floor. His play helped him earn his fourth NBA title and Finals MVP award. He also became the first player to earn Finals MVP honor with three different teams.

Beyond that, he has reasserted himself back atop the mountaintop as arguably the best player in the league. James has now added another much-deserved honor to resume.

LeBron James earns third SI Sportsperson of the Year award

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LeBron James has been no stranger to earning distinct honors over this illustrious NBA career.

James has garnered another impressive feat as Sports Illustrated named him the Sportsperson of the Year in 2020, making him the first player to earn that honor three times.

The award came about from more than his stellar 17th campaign as he had tremendous work off the court. James had heavy involvement in orchestrating the More Than a Vote initiative that helped encourage people across the United States to vote in the 2020 national election.

He played a significant role in promoting that throughout the NBA, effectively helping push the league to get involved by using their platform to galvanize people to vote in 2020. James was also a beacon for the NBA to help bring attention to the many social injustices that continue to occur in the United States.

For years, he has utilized his elevated platform to bring awareness and push for action to help stop social injustice. James’ voice holds significant weight, and he didn’t hesitate to use his social media presence and considerable influence. All of those factors helped him earn the honor that goes well beyond any basketball court.

Bright future ahead

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As he enters the latter stages of his NBA career, LeBron James continues to play a pivotal part in the sports scene on and off the court.

James has stayed on the remarkable path of being an elite talent even as he nears two decades in his profession. Meanwhile, his involvement in helping positively raise communities has only increased over the years. He has taken much pride in raising awareness in social issues and contributing to the encouraging growth, such as his I Promise elementary school in Akron, Ohio.

James has engrained himself in many aspects far-reaching beyond any basketball court, which will only further flourish and grow with time.