LeBron James Just Erased All Doubts For Lakers Fans

It hasn’t been the best of starts for star LeBron James and the LA Lakers since the Orlando Bubble season restart. They have struggled mightily offensively, which has led to outside concerns around the franchise. That was especially the case regarding comments that James recently made that drew much attention. James has finally addressed the situation that should completely erase doubt from the Lakers fans moving forward.

LeBron James makes mysterious comments

Since the Lakers entered the Orlando Bubble situation, the team has struggled to find success.

That has led to much concern around the team’s NBA title chances due to their ongoing offensive issues. Those doubts were further fueled after LeBron James made some mysterious comments after their loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Aug 5, as he stated there are things that he can’t control. (H/T Joe Vardon of The Athletic)

“It’s just some things that you can’t control that’s here, that I really don’t want to talk about, that’s off the floor.”

That immediately drew much speculation in terms of what James hinted at with his comments. The chatter started to center around possible internal issues for the team that could create some conflict that may derail the team. All that coupled with LA struggling to find their footing in the Orlando Bubble has added another storyline around the franchise that hasn’t been there all season due to their success.

LeBron James clears the air on cryptic comments

In the weeks that have passed since those comments made headlines, LeBron James hasn’t addressed what he was indirectly aiming his words.

James finally put an end to that speculation in a recent interview with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports for a TNT spot. The 35-year-old repeatedly voiced that it has nothing to do with the Lakers but something more personal and likely away from the court entirely. (H/T NBC Sports)

I can just tell you this: It has nothing to do with our team. One thing about our team, we have zero lack of team chemistry and camaraderie. That’s the one thing that our team will always strive and always be about. It’s a little bit more intricate than that. I might tell you when the cameras ain’t on. It has nothing to do with the Lakers and our group. Our group is probably as close as ever before because of the situation, even more since we’re here. So, Lake Show, Laker Nation, don’t worry about that. It has nothing to do with the ballclub. We’re great. We’re great. Yeah, we’re great. We’re great.

James will likely never truly unveil what he’s referencing with his comments. However, it should erase all concerns about it relating to the Lakers in any manner. He has voiced on many occasions this season that the roster is a tight-knit group with plenty of veterans across the board. That alone has attributed to them experiencing much success this season.

The focus can now shift back over entirely to getting past the red-hot Portland Trail Blazers in the first round of the playoffs.

Lakers’ tough task against the Trail Blazers


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The Lakers are coming off a disappointing Game 1 loss to the Trail Blazers that has many doubting their NBA title chances.

It was a performance that fell in line with how they have played in the Orlando Bubble. They continued to struggle offensively, shooting 35.1% from the floor and 15.6% from 3-point range that saw them make only five 3-pointers. LeBron James put forth a historic effort with the first-ever playoff performance in NBA history with at least 20 points, 15 assists, and 15 rebounds.

That wasn’t enough as the team’s shooting woes ultimately did them in for the playoffs’ opening game. LA has their chance to bounce back in Game 2 action on Thursday night to even up the series.