LeBron James Nearly Brought To Tears by Michael Jordan’s Last Dance Documentary

Over the last two Sunday nights, the sports world has been completely enamored by ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary that is following the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls team. That brought more insight into Michael Jordan‘s legendary career with much behind-the-scenes footage and commentary from the Hall of Famer along with many of his teammates and coaches during that span. That has pushed forth a more in-depth perspective of Jordan that has given others a greater connection with him. Among those is Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James, who admitted that he was nearly brought to tears from one moment in the documentary.

“The Last Dance” documentary

For months, there was much hype around the documentary that involved Jordan being the centerpiece of the series.

The release date of the documentary was significantly pushed up to this month from the original set time frame in July. Through the first four episodes, it has more than delivered an extraordinary level of rave review due to the footage and commentary that many of the players and coaches involved put forth.

It has brought a clearer picture of who Jordan was as a player and what pushed him to put forth his illustrious career that is capped by six NBA titles. The numerous stories and angles that the documentary has covered have given fans a greater appreciation for the Hall of Famer and Bulls during that era.

Chicago was the team of the decade in the 1990s, but there was more to that than them earning the six NBA championships. Many hardships are being brought to light in a much grander fashion through the documentary.

One of those hardships that Jordan experienced had nearly brought a current NBA star to tears when he saw it in the latest episode.

LeBron James nearly brought to tears

Through his first six seasons in the league, Jordan had firmly established himself as the best player.

What had eluded him during that span was his inability to lead his team to an NBA title. The stigma of him being just an elite scorer that couldn’t guide his team to championship success is something that Jordan admitted in the documentary that ate at him over the years.

All that changed in the 1990-91 season as he pushed the Bulls to his and their first NBA title. In the locker room immediately after that, all the raw emotions poured out of him as he held the trophy. That scene alone was one that nearly led to LeBron James to shed a tear as he felt he could relate to that feeling of winning the first NBA title.

Although James had a different path toward earning his first championship, he faced much criticism due to the lack of that on his resume. He finally broke through in his ninth year in the league with the Miami Heat, which was a moment that he finally validated himself as being one of the greatest players in NBA history.

All that mental and physical wear and tear that came on that journey to reach that point all came out. It’s a career-defining moment that James feels he can relate to Jordan in that instance.

LeBron James’ legacy

In many ways, James’ legacy will always be tied to Jordan despite the two playing completely different positions and game styles.

The 16-time All-Star has established himself as one of the game’s greatest players, which has put him up against the likes of Jordan, who has become the gold standard for success. It’s something that James had once mentioned that his shadow is what he continues to chase in his career.

It’s a significant part of the criticism that has received over his career, as many believe he falls short of Jordan. His struggles to find success in the NBA Finals with a 3-6 record have been a massive point in emphasis on why many believe the former Bulls great will always remain above him.

Nonetheless, it shouldn’t damage what has been an incredible first-ballot Hall of Fame career that he has put forth and is still adding to at this point. Where James ranks among the all-time greats will always be up for debate, but it’s clear that he has firmly put himself in that conversation.