LeBron James Received Special Gift From Jay-Z Amid Ankle Injury: ‘Looks Crazy!’

Things aren’t looking so good for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers right now. Not only has the team dropped to sixth in the Western Conference standings, but the four-time MVP’s ankle hasn’t healed, and he likely won’t be fully healthy for the rest of the season.

Sensing LeBron could use a pick-me-up, legendary musician Jay-Z sent him a special gift, and it’s quite extraordinary.

LeBron James only played in two games after coming back

On March 20 against the Atlanta Hawks, LeBron suffered a serious right ankle injury after Solomon Hill rolled over his foot. The Lakers superstar missed 20 games.

LeBron returned to action on April 30 versus the Sacramento Kings and played 31 minutes. He finished with 16 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists, but the Lakers lost at home.

The four-time champion put up 19 points, seven rebounds, and six assists on May 2 against the Toronto Raptors, but he exited the game late since his ankle was sore.

LeBron is back on the shelf again for the Lakers. He didn’t play against the Denver Nuggets or Los Angeles Clippers and isn’t expected to play until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. There’s a strong possibility the Lakers could participate in the play-in tournament if they continue to struggle.

It’s been a tough season for LeBron and the Lakers, whose chances of repeating as NBA champions seem to be dwindling by the day. With that said, one of James’ best friends recently sent him a package with the hopes of cheering him up.

LeBron James receives ‘crazy’ gift from Jay-Z

Jay-Z sent LeBron one of the 285 rare diamond-shaped bottles of D’USSE 1969 Anniversaire. The four-time Finals MVP opened the package on social media so his fans could see the gift.

LeBron and Jay-Z have been friends since 2003. They are essentially brothers, and the talented rapper made sure he took care of the King.

A signed bottle of the D’USSE 1969 Anniversaire by Jay-Z featuring a 24-karat gold foil was auctioned for $52,000 in March. While he rehabs his ankle again, LeBron will certainly enjoy his new drink with some cigars.

Like his childhood idol Michael Jordan, LeBron is a huge fan of drinking wine and smoking cigars. One can only imagine how many drinks and cigars he’s enjoyed over the last month or so since his ankle has prevented him from playing the game he loves, and the Lakers have struggled on both sides of the ball.

King James says he’ll never be 100% again


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LeBron has a lot of miles on his body and is 36 years old. As a result, he doesn’t believe he’ll ever be 100% again.

“I knew I wasn’t going to get back to 100%. It’s impossible,” James said on April 30. “I don’t think I will ever get back to 100% in my career.”

If the Lakers fall to the seventh spot in the West, they’ll be in the play-in tournament. While it would be fascinating to watch LeBron and Anthony Davis play in a do-or-die game, they could fall short against their opponent and fail to reach the postseason if they aren’t healthy and playing at a high level.

Lakers fans are praying that LeBron and Davis will be as close to 100% as they can get and go on another magical playoff run like last season when they delivered championship No. 17 in franchise history.

Stats courtesy of Basketball Reference.