LeBron James Refuses to Let Tom Brady’s Continued Dominance Affect His NBA Future

In many ways, LeBron James and Tom Brady reflect each other as ageless talents in their respective sports. Each star athlete hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down as they progress through the latter stages of their careers. Following Brady’s latest feat with his seven Super Bowl win, the LA Lakers star used it as an opportunity to discuss his NBA future.

Tom Brady earns his seventh Super Bowl win

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In his 21st season, Tom Brady proved once again that he’s an ageless wonder after capturing his seventh Super Bowl win.

Brady made a franchise-changing impact in his first campaign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, guiding them to their second championship. The 43-year-old’s performance and leadership with Tampa Bay have only further cemented his legacy as arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

His career remains an open book that greater separates him from his peers in league lore. The future Pro Football Hall of Famer’s success has also garnered admiration and praise from another sports icon in LeBron James.

LeBron James refuses to allow Tom Brady to impact his NBA future

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Over the years, LeBron James and Tom Brady have garnered tremendous respect for each other through their success in their respective crafts.

The admiration has only further grown, fueled by the continued historic feats both legendary players achieve late in their careers. Following Monday’s win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, James praised Brady’s latest achievement while using it as an olive branch to discuss his own NBA future. (H/T Dave McMenamin of ESPN)

“I’ve been watching him for quite a while now, and just to see him go out and do the things that he’s done in his career, for him to win another one yesterday in the fashion that he won, it was pretty cool,” James said. “It was very inspiring for a guy like myself. But two different sports, two different positions.

“I don’t know how long I’m going to play the game. I don’t know how much more I’ll be able to give to the game. The way I feel right now, we’ll see what happens. But I have no timetable on it. I have no year of, ‘OK, do I want to play until 30-this or 40-that?’ The game will let me know when it’s time, and we’ll figure it out then.”

James may not have a timeframe for his retirement, but it’s quite clear that he still holds a burning passion for the game. The 36-year-old’s performance has yet to drop off as he’s once again playing at an MVP-level in his 18th campaign

At the same time, there isn’t any extra drive from seeing the Buccaneers’ star quarterback win yet another championship. James’ career path is his own as he’s well aware of the difference in physical and mental commitment each sport requires.

However, like Brady, James will allow the game to tell him when it’s time for him to step away. Until then, the Lakers star has every intention of pushing it as long as he can go.

Focus remains on winning more titles in LA

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Before LeBron James began his 18th season, he secured his NBA future through at least his 20th campaign.

James extended his contract with the Lakers that extends through the 2022-23 campaign. Beyond that, there isn’t any inclination concerning what the star forward will do with his career.

He has hinted at possibly playing alongside his son, Bronny James, if he can reach the NBA. If he stays on the same path of elite production through the next three seasons, he will likely choose to continue that ride with the Lakers or another franchise.

Until that point is reached, James’ focus remains on adding more championships to his name with LA.