LeBron James Sends Heartbreaking Message Honoring Kobe Bryant

It’s been several months since Kobe Bryant’s death that still hasn’t registered fully for many. However, his 42nd birthday on Sunday has put forth another chance for those impacted by him to express their gratitude and respect toward the former LA Lakers great. LeBron James has done just that with a touching message to Bryant.

LeBron James’ connection to Kobe Bryant

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Over the years, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James became firmly tied together through their journey through the NBA.

They became regarded as two of the game’s best talents for the bulk of their careers. Although they never had the opportunity to face each other in the NBA Finals, the bond they shared through their mutual respect for their skill and ability helped them foster a strong connection. They grew exponentially closer during their time together playing for the United States Men’s National Basketball Team.

Bryant became the player that James aimed to achieve his amount of success while serving as a mentor. Even as the former Lakers great entered retirement, the two remained close with their bond becoming stronger after James decided to join LA. All that only made Bryant’s sudden passing that much more difficult for the 35-year-old to fathom.

In the time that has passed, James has continued to voice his love and respect for the 18-time All-Star. That has included getting a tattoo in honor of Bryant and the small gesture of having a No. 24 finger sleeve that he has worn during games in the months following that devastating incident.

James has again taken that path with another heartfelt message to Bryant on what would have been his 42nd birthday.

LeBron James’ heartfelt message to Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant has left an irreplaceable influence on LeBron James’ life that has been reflected in the several months that have gone by since the Hall of Famer’s tragic passing.

James has taken every opportunity to honor the five-time NBA champion, especially since he’s now a member of the Lakers. James went that route again on Sunday as he posted a video of celebrating Bryant’s 30th birthday during their stint with the United States Men’s National Basketball Team in 2008 on what would have been a day he turned 42.

The opportunity to get to know Bryant personally is something that James has cherished profoundly over the years. That has been a significant part of impacting the player he has become with the motivation and guidance that he received from him. It’s his fingerprints on the game that has far reached beyond James.

Kobe Bryant’s everlasting impact

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Although it has been nearly seven months since Kobe Bryant passed away, it’s still hasn’t fully hit home for many that he’s gone.

That said, his impact goes far beyond the game of basketball, as many across various other sports have voiced their respect and admiration for Bryant. It was his mental approach to the game that inspired and continues to motivate many to push forward to get the most out of themselves. He not only helped shape the next generation of players after him in the NBA but many athletes across other sports.

His 42nd birthday provides an opportunity for those who have been influenced by him to demonstrate the impact he made on their lives. It has been a rough several months for the NBA community dealing with the reality of Bryant’s death, but it has drawn them closer and pushed them forward another gear.