LeBron James and Stephen Curry Teaming Up on the Lakers ‘Wouldn’t Surprise’ a Hall of Famer and Champion

LA Lakers small forward LeBron James and Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry have played each other four times in the NBA Finals. Curry is 3-1 against James, although LeBron won the 2016 Finals in historic fashion by leading the Cleveland Cavaliers on a 3-1 comeback versus Curry’s Warriors.

James and Curry are friends off the court. They were even born in the same hospital in Akron, Ohio. However, the two superstars have a fierce rivalry on the hardwood since Curry has won two MVPs and three rings after LeBron left the Miami Heat in the summer of 2014 to return to the Cavs.

During the 2021 All-Star Game in Atlanta, LeBron James and Stephen Curry were teammates for the first time on Team LeBron, and they had a lot of fun together. While Curry has said several times he plans on retiring with the Warriors, two former NBA players–including a Hall of Famer and champion–wouldn’t be surprised if Curry and James become teammates on the Lakers one day.

LeBron James loved playing with Stephen Curry

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LeBron James and Stephen Curry enjoyed playing together on the same team in Atlanta. They shared a funny moment when Curry turned around to the crowd before his 3-pointer went in and slapped hands with James afterward.

Curry told LeBron, “I did that,” and James responded with, “I didn’t even look. I already know it’s good.”

Before the game started, Curry also stood next to James for LeBron’s famous chalk toss. It was clear as day that these two historic rivals had a blast being on the same team.

Curry’s three rings have all come against James, while LeBron’s best title was versus Curry and the 73-9 Warriors. LeBron and Curry fans have been fighting for years on social media, and the two NBA legends have had their tense moments on the court as well. It was neat to see Curry and James team up, even if it was during an exhibition game.

Since LeBron James and Stephen Curry are two faces of the NBA, everyone paid attention to their interactions during the All-Star Game. Kendrick Perkins, who played with James on the Cavs, saw some interesting things between LeBron and Curry, so much so that he’s now floating the idea of Curry joining James on the Lakers.

Kendrick Perkins floats idea of LeBron James and Stephen Curry being teammates, Paul Pierce reacts

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Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins recently discussed what the Warriors should do at the 2021 trade deadline. During the talk, Perkins floated the idea of Stephen Curry joining LeBron James on the Lakers down the line.

“We saw all the joy, we saw the laughter in the All-Star Game between Steph and LeBron James, chest-bumping and high-fiving,” Perkins said. “Hey look, I’m telling you right now, I don’t put nothing past anyone in the NBA. Anything could happen when it comes down to the NBA.”

Pierce, one of LeBron’s biggest rivals back in the day, replied to Perkins by saying, “Steph to the Lakers? Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised either.”

If Stephen Curry joined LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers in the summer of 2022 when he becomes a free agent, the NBA world would explode. It would pair the greatest shooter ever with the best all-around player of all time.

The odds of this happening are very low

Stephen Curry has been very frustrated in 2021 since Klay Thompson is out for the year again and the Warriors are struggling in the rugged Western Conference. If Curry and Golden State don’t agree to an extension before the summer of 2022, the three-time champion will become a free agent.

However, the odds of Stephen Curry joining LeBron James on the Lakers are very low. The Warriors aren’t foolish enough to let Curry walk away, and Steph doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would join his biggest rival in LeBron on the Lakers.