LeBron James Trolls Donald Trump After Joe Biden Is Named President-Elect

Following a historic turnout for the 2020 presidential election, former vice president Joe Biden has secured enough electoral college votes to become the 46th president of the United States. In the brief time since that result, plenty of reactions around the country have blasted Donald Trump. Among those is LA Lakers star LeBron James choosing to troll Trump.

LeBron James, Donald Trump trade public barbs

Over the last few years, LeBron James and Donald Trump have had their fair share of public barbs through the media.

The chatter ramped up another notch over the summer as Trump bashed the NBA for allowing the players to kneel during the national anthem in the restarted Orlando Bubble situation. Along with many of his colleagues, James stood united in their efforts toward bringing attention to the social injustices across the country.

Trump responded by stating that he would stop watching NBA games while using every opportunity to bash the decreased TV ratings. James answered back that the NBA community didn’t have much concern about losing the president’s viewership.

Trump’s remarks continued throughout the restarted NBA season that targeted the decreased TV ratings during the playoffs and NBA Finals. Despite that, James may have gotten the last laugh over the soon-to-be ex-president.

LeBron James trolls Donald Trump after election loss to Joe Biden

The last couple of weeks have seen the focus shift toward the 2020 presidential election with a monumental decision to shape the United States over the next four years.

There was plenty of chatter around the situation before the Nov. 3 election voting day and the following several days after while the votes are counted. The tallying may not be over, but there has been more than enough to determine that former vice president Joe Biden has reached the electoral votes threshold needed to become the 46th president.

With that result known on Saturday, LeBron James didn’t waste any time in trolling Donald Trump. The Lakers star forward took to Twitter to retweet several memes and videos making fun of the 45th president. Among those was a photoshopped image of James’ legendary block of Andre Iguodala’s layup in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

The photo superimposed Joe Biden’s face on James’ head while Trump had his on Iguodala’s. The image further underlines that Biden denied the 74-year-old a second term. That likens to a basketball reference of the Cleveland Cavaliers warding off a second straight NBA title for the Golden State Warriors.

The similarities certainly stop there, but it’s a situation that James has taken full opportunity to blast Trump.

NBA helped generate historic voting turnout


LeBron James Recently Received the Ultimate Compliment From a LA Lakers Legend

LeBron James has capitalized on the opportunity to express his excitement about the 2020 presidential results and clown Donald Trump.

Many other professional athletes and public figures have gone that route over the last few days. Like the many other industries, the NBA had heavy involvement in promoting the importance of voting in the 2020 election.

James was the forefront of that effort for the league behind his More Than a Vote initiative. Many of the arenas around the NBA were used as polling centers to encourage people to vote. Those efforts help generate a record-setting number of votes casted this year, with whatever Joe Biden’s final total winds up landing at being the most for any presidential candidate.

During this time, what has spoken loudest has been the number of votes that show that people wanted their voices heard. They did so by exercising their right to vote, which will help drastically shape the country’s next four years.