Leonard Fournette Has Earned Over $22 Million From the Jaguars Despite Them Looking to Trade Him

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette has had some success since coming into the NFL in 2017. Because of his talent, and because of him being a high draft pick, Fournette has earned a good amount of money from the Jaguars over the past three seasons. However, the Jaguars are now thinking about trading him.

Leonard Fournette has had success in two of his three NFL seasons

The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Leonard Fournette with the fourth overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft out of LSU. This came after Fournette was really good at LSU, especially during the 2015 season when he ran for 1,953 yards and 22 touchdowns. 

Fournette ultimately had some success in his rookie season with the Jaguars. In 13 games, Fournette ran for 1,040 yards and nine touchdowns. He helped the Jaguars have a lot of success too as they went to the AFC Championship Game. Fournette also had a huge game in the team’s Divisional Round win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. He ran for 109 yards and three touchdowns.

The future seemed bright for Fournette and the Jaguars.

However, the Jaguars went 5-11 in 2018 and then went 6-10 in 2019. Fournette only played in eight games in 2018 as he dealt with injuries and was suspended for one game, according to ESPN. He did bounce back nicely in 2019, though. Even though the Jaguars were not very good as a team, Fournette ran for 1,152 yards and three touchdowns in 15 games. He had 1,674 total yards from scrimmage too.

Fournette has certainly had his struggles, but he has shown his potential too. 

Campaigning for Cam Newton

The Jaguars selected Gardner Minshew in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL draft. Minshew ultimately had success in his rookie season with the team too. He set franchise rookie records in passing yards with 3,271 and passing touchdowns with 21, according to ESPN. He also had the best passer rating (91.2) and the fewest interceptions (6) of any of the rookie quarterbacks during the 2019 season. 

However, Fournette has a better idea for who the Jaguars should have at quarterback. Fournette said on social media and on ESPN’s First Take that the Jaguars should sign free-agent QB, and former league MVP, Cam Newton. 

“Cam went to the Super Bowl,” Fournette said, according to ESPN. “He’s a great guy. I’ve been knowing Cam for a minute now. And like I told some people that talked to me, it’s no disrespect to [Gardner Minshew]. I’m just trying to get in the best position as a team as we can [to] win.”

Leonard Fournette

Well, instead of showing interest in signing Newton, the Jaguars have shown interest in trading Fournette. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Saturday that the Jaguars have reportedly had trade discussions about Fournette with other teams.

Fournette has earned a good amount of money with the Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars have reportedly had trade discussions about Leonard Fournette. He has earned a lot of money with them, though.
Leonard Fournette of the Jacksonville Jaguars waves to booing Oakland Raiders fans after the go-ahead touchdown by Chris Conley during the second half of a game against the Raiders. | Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Despite the Jaguars possibly wanting to trade Fournette, the organization has paid him a good amount of money over the years. Through three seasons, Fournette has earned more than an estimated $22.9 million with the Jaguars, according to Spotrac. He earned an estimated $18.3 million during his rookie season.

Because of all of the money Fournette has earned so far in his career, his net worth is $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Fournette will continue to earn more money too as he is set to earn an estimated $4.1 million in 2020. The Jaguars have until May 4 to exercise the fifth-year option for him which would have him be on the team for the 2021 season, according to ESPN

Time will tell if the Jaguars will, in fact, trade Fournette. If he is traded, or if he ends up staying in Jacksonville, though, Leonard Fournette has already earned a good amount of money in his young career with the Jacksonville Jaguars.