LeSean McCoy Ranked Ex-Teammate Donovan McNabb Surprisingly Low on All-Time QB Rankings

Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back LeSean McCoy is the latest player to dive into the greatest quarterbacks of all-time debate.

McCoy, a former All-Pro entering his first season in Tampa Bay, went a different route than other players or analysts. Instead of a universal list, McCoy ranked the top quarterbacks he’s played with since entering the league in 2009.

Tom Brady, his new teammate in Tampa Bay, unsurprisingly led the pack. But where McCoy ranked Donovan McNabb, his former teammate with the Eagles, is bound to surprise some fans.

LeSean McCoy is now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When all is said and done, LeSean McCoy is going to retire with a very interesting Hall of Fame case.

The 53rd overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft, McCoy has run for 11,071 yards and 73 touchdowns in 11 NFL seasons. A dangerous weapon in the passing game, too, McCoy has added 503 receptions for 3,797 yards and 16 touchdowns.

McCoy made the Pro Bowl every year from 2013-17 — he even led the league in rushing with 1,607 yards in 2013 — and has two career All-Pro nods.

Although McCoy has averaged 3.9 yards per carry in five career playoff games, he won his first Super Bowl last season alongside Patrick Mahomes on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now 32 years old, McCoy could be entering the final years of his career. McCoy signed a one-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this summer and joined a loaded offense that includes Tom Brady, Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, and Rob Gronkowski.

Tampa Bay also signed Leonard Fournette, recently of Jacksonville, after the Jaguars cut him.

McCoy just ranked the quarterbacks he’s played with

During a recent Q&A session posted on the Buccaneers’ Twitter account, LeSean McCoy addressed the 500-pound elephant in the room many players have dealt with for years.

When asked who the greatest quarterback McCoy has played with is, McCoy didn’t hold back.

“It would be Tom Brady for sure. Brady would be number one obviously, even though we haven’t played a game. It would go Brady, Mahomes, and then Mike Vick and Donovan McNabb.”

McCoy selecting Brady isn’t surprising, even if the two haven’t played together. Mahomes in second places also makes sense, but things get interesting when McCoy ranked Michael Vick — his teammate of five seasons in Philadelphia — over Donovan McNabb.

Did LeSean McCoy rank Donovan McNabb too low?


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Donovan McNabb is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in NFL history and LeSean McCoy just proved that fact.

In McCoy’s defense, he only played one season with McNabb. The Eagles traded McNabb to Washington in April 2010, a few months after McCoy concluded his rookie year.

Still, the debate between Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick is an interesting one. According to Pro-Football-Reference, McNabb totaled 126 approximate value in his 11 seasons with the Eagles.

Hall of Fame safety Brian Dawkins, who played with McNabb from 1999-2009, is the only Eagle with a higher AV. Dawkins was worth 131 AV with the Eagles.

Vick totaled 113 AV in 13 seasons. Less than half of that AV, 41 AV, came in Philadelphia, although it was from six seasons.

LeSean McCoy has created a new quarterback discussion of his own. Who was better: the gunslinging McNabb, or the dynamic Vick?

All stats courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference.