Le’Veon Bell Just Proved How Tom Brady Turned the Buccaneers Into Super Bowl Contenders

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have become the gold standard. Tom Brady has changed Tampa Bay’s fate, pushing them toward another deep playoff push. The recent signing of running back Le’Veon Bell has provided another glowing example of how Brady has turned the Buccaneers into a Super Bowl contender.

Tom Brady transformed the Buccaneers into a powerhouse

Since Brady chose to join the Buccaneers, he’s anchored the franchise’s transformation into a Super Bowl contender.

The 2020 campaign featured some expected early-season bumps, but Tampa Bay figured it out, pushing their way toward a championship. The Buccaneers have built off that with promising play throughout much of this season.

They have hit another rough patch due to injury, falling to a shutout loss in Week 15 to the New Orleans Saints. However, Brady is again showcasing why the Buccaneers have become a legit Super Bowl-contending team.

Le’Veon Bell just proved how Tom Brady turned the Buccaneers into Super Bowl contenders

After the injury bug hit the Buccaneers’ backfield with Leonard Fournette and Giovani Bernard out, the front office quickly signed former Pro Bowler Le’Veon Bell.

The 29-year-old spent the last several weeks floating in free agency after being cut by the Baltimore Ravens. His brief stint in Tampa Bay has quickly moved smoothly due to a familiar element involving Brady reaching out to his new teammate.

“I seen Tom in the meetings without meeting, so we couldn’t really talk, but once we got out here he kind of pulled me to the side,” Bell noted during his press conference. “He talked to me, let me know like, ‘Hey, if you need anything, I mean, anything ask me. Come to me before even coach.’ You know [what] I’m saying? Like, make sure that I’m comfortable, and I’m glad he did that because, he’s not a person I’ve ever like kind of talked to off the field.

Although Bell had limited interactions with Brady, the 43-year-old’s efforts to make him feel welcomed and valued made a strong impression. The seven-time Super Bowl champion certainly holds tremendous respect from his peers for what he’s accomplished. Beyond that, it’s his actions outside of that have built his reputation.

Bell will play a limited offensive role, especially when Fournette returns. However, Brady’s efforts will lead him to buy into the culture and mindset. The star quarterback has played a pivotal part in bringing aboard other proven players, but his leadership off the field has made a world of difference in Tampa Bay.

Buccaneers must overcome injuries to vie for another Super Bowl


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Brady’s leadership aside, the Buccaneers are dealing with significant injuries to key players.

Tampa Bay has their star quarterback under center, but he’s missing some of his biggest offensive weapons. Godwin’s absence is a massive loss as he’s one of Brady’s most reliable targets. Meanwhile, Evans will remain hobbled for the rest of the season even when he returns.

It leaves Antonio Brown with the massive responsibility of stepping into a prominent passing game role. Brown’s off-the-field decisions have clouded his future beyond 2021, but he has a chance to be a pivotal factor.

Brady vouched for him, and now the Buccaneers desperately need to utilize his game-changing talent. At the same time, Tampa Bay holds the benefit of possessing a roster with Super Bowl experience that may become a crucial element.

Ultimately, as long as Brady is under center, the Buccaneers will have a chance to secure another Super Bowl. All that will take much more than his play to reach that lofty goal.

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