Lewis Hamilton Is Trying to Improve This Aspect of His Racing

Lewis Hamilton is dominating the Formula One circuit in 2019, and he’s doing so by never staying content with his previous race’s success. Through 12 races in the 2019 tour, Hamilton is on a historic run that helps to capitalize on an equally historic career. However, Hamilton is not content on settling for his current domination. Instead, he is looking at the things he has done wrong in both the wins and the losses with hopes that he can always get better. 

Lewis Hamilton’s rise

Hamilton has been racing competitively since he was just eight years old. Then it was karting, but as he has grown older, he has risen up the ladder and even though he is only 34 years old, he is a decorated veteran in his sport who has already reached heights that no other driver could ever dream of. He has 81 wins, 144 podium appearances, and shows no immediate signs of slowing down. 

Constant improvement

Formula racing is no different than any competitive endeavor. Absolute perfection may be impossible or incredibly unlikely, but if someone sets their goals that high, they may just end up closer to perfection than they think. Hamilton takes this to heart, using things like his head-to-head battle with teammate Valtteri Bottas to inspire a competitive edge. Even though he is trying to improve at every level, he especially wants to improve his qualifying races.

“There’s always things you’re able to learn from these races,” Hamilton said to Formula1.com. “Even though the last one was pretty strong there are still areas that can be better – for example, qualifying is still not perfect yet and so I’ve got to work on that.”

A little bit of self-awareness can go a long way for competitors at every level. From his speed out of the gate to the tightness of his control, Hamilton is trying to see every hitch in his race as a chance to learn and improve. Hamilton says he is happy with the speed of his racing but is still trying to be one with his car. “In general the pace has been really strong — something I’m really happy with,” he said. “And bit by bit [we’re] still understanding the car more.”

High atop the standings

To say that Lewis Hamilton is first in the 2019 F1 standings would be underselling how dominant he’s been. Hamilton is currently 62 points ahead of the second-place driver, Bottas, and 69 points ahead of third-place Max Verstappen. To put this lead into perspective, everyone past the first six drivers in the standings has less than the 62 points that Hamilton leads by. 

It is the biggest lead of Hamilton’s career, and it is nearly 40 points better than his lead at this time last year. To think that he could get even better must be frightening during a season where it would take a catastrophic plunge just to reach second-place, but Hamilton is ready to do just that. Considering that Hamilton is the all-time leader in points already, the likelihood of a fall may not be great, either. 

Finishing strong

Hamilton’s willingness to hold himself to the highest standard is nothing new. It’s what propelled him to be as good as he is for as long as he has been good. Like Tom Brady in football or LeBron James in basketball, Hamilton is constantly trying to adjust his game and stay on top while up-and-coming talent tries to threaten his place in the standings. 

“It’s the same approach I’ve always had,” he told Formula1.com. “I just take it one race at a time.”

Humble as he may try to be, those who are watching Hamilton race can’t help but be stunned by his utter dominance. Formula 1 may not be at the forefront of even the most avid sports fans mind, but a single competitor single-handedly guiding any competition deserves respect, appreciation, and accolades for putting in the work to do so.