Los Angeles Lakers: Charles Barkley Blasts LA in Light of Frank Vogel News

The Los Angeles Lakers’ season is over, but that doesn’t mean we are done talking about them, especially with LA likely making a major move by firing head coach Frank Vogel.

The Lakers could reportedly send him packing as early as Monday. But NBA legend Charles Barkley isn’t happy about it.

The always opinionated commentator recently blasted the organization for putting this trash roster together and blaming it on Vogel.

The Lakers reportedly plan to fire Frank Vogel

After a season in which they finished 33-49 and missed the NBA Play-In Tournament, the Lakers will reportedly fire Frank Vogel, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. They could inform him as soon as Monday.

Vogel won a championship with the Lakers in 2020 and led them to the playoffs last year. However, he appears to be getting the short end of the stick after their abysmal 2021-22 season.

“I haven’t been told s*** and I’m going to enjoy tonight’s game, celebrate what these young guys did in terms of scratching and clawing and getting back in this game and getting a W, and we’ll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow,” he said after the Lakers regular-season finale win over the Denver Nuggets, per ESPN.

While no one in LA seems to be in Vogel’s corner, the coach at least has Charles Barkley on his side.

Charles Barkley blasted the Lakers

NBA legend Charles Barkley, who recently blasted the Lakers for reportedly planning to fire Frank Vogel.
NBA legend Charles Barkley during ‘The Match: Champions For Charity’ on May 24, 2020. | Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images for The Match

Charles Barkley is never afraid to share his thoughts on a topic, and he has been critical of the Lakers’ decision-makers all season. So, in light of the recent Vogel news, he didn’t hold back.

“Frank Vogel is getting screwed,” Barkley said on the April 10 episode of Inside the NBA. “Whoever put these old ass geezers together, they deserve the lion’s share (of the blame). They’ve scapegoated Frank, obviously, and Russ [Westbrook] all year. But this team, I told you from day one, I said, ‘The only chance this team got a chance to be competitive is Anthony Davis,’ and clearly he’s not doing what he’s supposed to do.”

He continued: “To blame Frank and Russ for putting this old ass team together. Ain’t enough IcyHot, Bengay, Asorbine Jr., WD-40. My grandmother used to put WD-40 on her knees and ankles to loosen them up. They should try that for them old ass geezers.”

Is Frank Vogel to blame for the Lakers’ issues?

Charles Barkley was correct when saying the Lakers’ catastrophic season is not Frank Vogel’s fault (nor is it Russell Westbrook’s). Vogel has proven he knows how to coach, and there was only so much he could do with this team.

However, the Lakers need to hit the reset button as much as possible after this season. Vogel deserves a fresh start somewhere else, and LeBron James and Anthony Davis need a new coach and different teammates.

So, who should the Lakers try to hire to replace Vogel?

It needs to be someone LeBron respects, or there will be rumors of James trying to get them fired all season. They could look to their bench, as assistants Phil Handy and David Fizdale are two coaches who fall into that category. Handy has experience with James on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lakers, and Fizdale was on the Miami Heat staff when The King was in South Beach.

Some other names they should look at are Quin Snyder, Mike D’Antoni, and Sam Cassell.

The biggest question regarding this search, though, is who will want to take the job? Everyone has seen how the front office has treated Vogel, so who would want to lead this old roster and dysfunctional organization?

The Lakers’ season may be over, but the storylines aren’t stopping anytime soon.

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