Luka Doncic Is Showing Why He Can Become the Greatest Dallas Maverick of All-Time

Luka Doncic has already established himself as one of the top players in the NBA. The Dallas Mavericks have a gem on their hand in Doncic, and he has shown the potential to be an all-time great.

People will argue that Dirk Nowitzki is the greatest Maverick player. But if Doncic can finish his career in Dallas, he could give Nowitzki a run for his money.

In just two years, Luka Doncic has become an NBA star

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Doncic has been playing professional basketball since he was a young teenager. He was able to get that experience playing against older guys at such a young age, and he used that to his benefit. Doncic made his NBA debut in 2018, and he quickly made a name for himself in the league. He was named the 2019 Rookie of the Year after averaging 21.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, and six assists per game. 

As a rookie, Doncic played more like a veteran in the league. His game was very mature, and when you watched him play, he did not show signs of being a rookie. He displayed a high basketball IQ, and he could score the ball in many ways. Doncic also made his teammates around him better during his rookie year.

Going into his second season, Doncic continued to play at a high-level. He made his first All-Star team, and through 61 games during the regular season, he averaged 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 8.8 assists. He showed tremendous improvement in his game, and he had more confidence on the court. During his second season, he helped make the Mavericks a better team than last season.

Luka Doncic putting together big performances in his playoff debut

It was no surprise that Doncic played some of the best basketball of his career during the 2020 NBA Playoffs. The Mavericks went into the playoffs as the No. 7 seed and are battling the No. 2 seed LA Clippers. Doncic made his playoff debut on Aug. 17 and did not disappoint. He scored 42 points, which was the most points scored by any player during their playoff debut.

He would make history again during the series when he scored 43 points and finished Game 3 with a triple-double. Doncic also hit the game-winning shot to tie the series at 2-2. He’s showing why he’s going to be a top player in the league for many years. The Mavericks need to do everything they can to keep him in Dallas. 

Luka Doncic can finish his career as the greatest player in Dallas Mavericks history

If Doncic can finish his career in Dallas, there’s a good chance he will be considered the best to play in Dallas. Yes, that is correct. Even better than Dirk Nowitzki. Nowitzki is the all-time leading scorer in franchise history and had a lot of success in Dallas, winning an NBA title. Doncic numbers in his first two seasons are significantly greater than Nowitzki’s. Nowitzki averaged 8.2 points his first year and 17.5 points his second season.

There’s no question that Doncic will finish his career as one of the top-scorers in franchise history. It’s just a matter of where he will fall. But it will be close to Nowitzki’s scoring total of 31,560. What Doncic is doing right now is amazing, and given the fact that he’s still young, he’s only going to get better, and he has room to grow. If he can lead the Mavericks past the Clippers in the first round of the playoffs, the NBA world will mark that down as one of the greatest moments during his career. We are looking at a future Hall of Fame player watching Doncic play.